If I had wings and could fly

I’d soar to the clouds where men could only dream of

I’d descend into the deepest dip where mortal men would not dare

Perching on greens and cruising around


If I could bask in the love of another

And swim in a sea of sweet melody

Pluck from the heart of it all

And blossom amongst the thorns.


If I could run and not be heard

Scream and not be shushed

Vacay away like there’s no ‘morrow

And sing as of the celestial


If I could smile away the tears

And erase away the scars

Start afresh like a day old babe

And see with a new pair of eyes


If I could live without leaving

And ignite without scorching

If I could express without giving too much

And love like nothing else matters.


If I could wish away my worries

And speak my dreams to fruition

Share my past like it’s past

And think my future to birth


Oh, If I could snap away all evil with my fingers

And sieve the wheat from the tares

Looking into the souls of men

And hearing the whispers of their thoughts


If I could reach the heights

And take from the lows

Touch the helm of the silk

And know the taste of gold


If I could reach for the stars

And shine brighter than them

Turn the tides around

And breathe again


So many ifs, but what if they could all be true.

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