It seems like yesterday when the current executives were in our WhatsApp groups, Dms, and statuses making promises of better things and days to come. Already 150 days in office, and here to tell us about their progress so far. They did promise us accountability and transparency after all.

The deputy hall chair made a lot of promises like every other aspirant. Among which are the improved welfare of Brownites and a grand-style hall week.

Apart from being interested in feedbacks, suggestions, and complaints from Brownites (ABH C&S), plans are also in place for a financial seminar to be held in October.

“For the ABH fit program, it will be starting this month and we will be having no contact activities”, she stated. She also stated that plans are in place for the ladies’ night to be held this November and the opinions of female Brownites would be sought.

The hall week was previously scheduled for March 2022 but when Brownites questioned why other departments were not considered when picking a date, especially since finalists in other departments would have been done with their exams before March, she promised to review the date.

With a promised grand hall week, she was asked if Covid restrictions were considered.

“Regarding the current reality, seeing as Covid-19 is likely to be with us for a long time, would there still be a rally? Is dinner going to happen? What do you think will happen differently during the hall week?”, the concerned Brownite asked.

“Well, for some of the programs that can hold virtually, like the symposium will hold virtually. Hopefully, the dinner would hold. Hopefully, all Brownites would have been vaccinated so hopefully, the dinner would hold since this is the highlight of the hall week”.

When asked if we would be left high and dry if things happen and we find ourselves back at home, the deputy hall chair answered that events that can be held virtually would be held but that she hopes that the hall week proceeds as planned.

What are your thoughts on the deputy hall chair’s progress so far? Above all, we also hope that she fulfills the promises made to us and we wish her a successful tenure.

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