ABH DECIDES 2022: “I plan on creating a virtual competition that includes games like ‘call of duty’, ‘FIFA’”. – Sports minister Aspirant, Mr. Sylvester Adeseye.


ABH press met with an aspirant for the position of the hall’s sports minister in an exclusive interview.

Pressperson: Good evening Mr. Adeseye. Can we meet you?

Mr. Adeseye: Good evening, I am Sylvester Adeseye. I am a 600l student of Medicine and Surgery and I am vying for the position of sport minister of Alexander Brown Hall.

Pressperson: Why are you running for the position of sports minister?

Mr. Adeseye: thank you very much. I’m someone that has so much passion for excellence in sporting activities. This passion of mine is what has led me to try to serve as the sports minister of this great hall so that everyone interested in sports can fulfill their purpose in taking up any sporting activities.

Pressperson: Have you been involved in any sports committee in the past?

Mr. Adeseye: Yes, I have. I was member of this very tenure’s sports committee. Likewise, I served in Christopher Ogunbote sports committee. I am also a member of the 2k18 sports committee.

Pressperson: You got the form quite late. Was the interest a last minute decision or you waiting to see if someone else was interested in the position?

Mr. Adeseye: No, it was not a last minute decision. As a matter of fact, I’ve had the desire and I have been planning to serve as the sports minister for quite a while now. Unforeseen circumstances and technical issues around the time that I needed to put in place led to me declaring quite late.

Pressperson: Why do you think you are the best person for this job?

Mr. Adeseye: Well, I won’t say I’m the best person for this job but I will say I’m one of the most passionate. Since sporting activities serve as an equilibrium for me from all the stress of medical school and every aspect of my life, the joy that sporting activities give me is what I can tell you makes me passionate about this position.

Pressperson: What plans do you have as regards sporting activities in ABH?

Mr. Adeseye: The plans I have include:

  1. The inclusion of female members of this community and their active participation in these activities. We hardly have female participation in sports activities such as football, basketball and the likes. This has made it one of my major goals to involve females in sporting activities.
  2. The advent of coronavirus has opened us up to so many things we can do in the absence of physical interaction so I plan on bringing in a virtual competition using virtual games like ‘call of duty’ so that in situations like Covid where physical activities are limited, Brownites can still socialize and make use of these platforms to relax and interact with each other.
  3. I plan on continuing the good work of the current sports minister like the ‘ABHfit’ and so many more to mention a few.

Pressperson: I don’t know if you have noticed but females have been more interested in sports like volleyball and basketball. How do you intend to keep up the momentum and make more females interested in sports.

Mr. Adeseye: I so much appreciate you saying they have been showing more interest. I intend to talk to more people. It is not that females are not interested; they do not just come out for the activities. This is why I intend to talk to a lot of people, encourage them to come around all the while providing an environment where they can participate such as providing training sessions. I am ready to go in myself and talk to females.

Pressperson: As the incoming sports director for USA, are you sure if elected, it wont affect the way you discharge your duties?

Mr. Adeseye: Because the positions are both related to Sports, they go hand in hand. Like I said, I am passionate about both positions so I am confident that I can perform excellently in both positions.

Pressperson: What are the challenges you think you might encounter if elected and what are the plans to overcome said challenges?

Mr. Adeseye: One of the challenges I believe I might have is participation. Recently, I noticed that people no longer play snooker regularly. Also, people no longer come around to play football on Saturdays. I plan on publicizing these activities regularly and encouraging people to participate whether it is to show their skills, or to relax. Another challenge is with the equipment. I plan on getting equipment like football and the snooker stick.

Pressperson: How well will you rate the outgoing sports minister and why?

Mr. Adeseye: I would rate him a 7 out of 10. The 3 would be the lack of equipment in his tenure. At some point, people were using sticks to play snooker.

Pressperson: How do you intend to raise funds to get these equipment?

Mr. Adeseye: Apart from the budget allocated for sporting activities, I plan on contacting alumni that actively participated in sports to help out.

Pressperson: Are there any special activities Brownites should look out for if elected?

Mr. Adeseye: Like I said earlier, I plan on creating a virtual competition that includes games like ‘call of duty’, ‘FIFA’, in which we will have competition between classes, and individuals. Something different from contact sports and more of e-sports.

Pressperson: Considering the fact that you are running unopposed, how confident are you that Brownites would pick a ‘yes’ and not a ‘no’?

Mr. Adeseye: I am confident that Brownites would pick yes because I believe my service has been well known to Brownites since I actively participate and this I believe has given me the exposure to know and see a lot of things I should implement in the sporting aspect of this community. I believe Brownites would definitely pick a yes.

Pressperson: Any closing remarks for Brownites?

Mr. Adeseye: I am ready to serve Brownites and to allow them have the best sporting year ever. I am ready to serve and represent each and every Brownite that is interested to the best of my abilities.

Pressperson: Thank you very much for your responses and goodluck in your pursuits.

Mr. Adeseye: Thank you very much.

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