A place to call home
Where the young flourishes
And the old nurtures
Where seeds are watered
And flowers blossom.

A place to call home
Where peace abounds
And opportunities come calling
Where heads have voices
And their notes counts

A place to call home
Where precious as a gem, every life is
And humans are allowed to be humans
Wherewith eyelids closing, heads lay to rest
And neither thief nor killer comes knocking

A place to call home
Where rest, I find
And my currency matters
Where the guard truly guards
And leaders serve.

“….one nation bound in freedom, peace and unity” Every Nigerian has, at one time or another said those words. A nation united on all fronts, with everyone being their brother’s keeper. A nation worth fighting for, many acclaimed, worth dying for, some vowed. The numbers have dwindled and the only pledge the masses now pledge to uphold is a pledge to flee at all cost. Can you blame them?

Daily, the news is told but it’s with a foreboding we read through, the stench of fear now permeates the air and no one seems to be interested in keeping a brother. Fingers are pointing but no one seems to be looking, those at the helm of affairs seem not to be listening. A woeful tale of abduction today and another despicable one of killings tomorrow. Is an end near insight?

Not too long ago, news of the release of the remaining 14 students abducted from Greenfield university after 40 days of captivity made the rounds, it was, news after all. On May 30th, 2021, Africa Independent Television, AIT during its news hour reported yet another abduction of over 200 Almajira children from Tegina Town in Rafi LGAof Niger state, north-central Nigeria.

All of these is amidst more news like the most recent killings of 15 persons in Beri, Niger state. Lives are being lost, our waters are now red, properties and being destroyed, the nation is now likened to a mother that has turned against her children, the gift that keeps taking and never giving, some have said.
Gone are the days where we look forward to the day’s news, now, it is with a foreboding of doom, forward ever and backwards never we pray but the reverse is manifest. Oh, the people can no longer afford to feed at home and it has nothing to do with the saying “no food for a lazy man”. The millionaire of yesterday is now a thousandaire and the average man is hanging on by a thin rope.

Insecurity, inflation, abuse, poverty and more is the order of the day. When does it stop? When do we get our home back? There was a time when fleeing was an option, not anymore it would seem. Now, fleeing is a necessity and ” japa” is every man’s favourite word.
“……a nation where peace and justice shall reign”
If you ever find such a place
Whenever you find such a place
A place to call home
Send me some letters.

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