The Voice of God

The silent screams are deafening
Thousands roar making murmurs
Giants making dwarfish strides
Drowning floats in still storms
Helter-skelter, feet are made to sleep

Prequel, sequel and then the series
Chaotic tranquil in a clear sea of red
Fire in the land and fire in the bones
Peace absconds and pandemonium breaks out
Men are gods till a man plays God

The numbers are now uncountable
Good criminals fighting bad criminals
Can all birds still chirp or the crow is now king
Even the deaf can hear and the blind has seen
Wonders may never end, not a sight in sight for sore eyes

Once upon a time, we lived in a land where the cost of a head was invaluable and freedom in all its form was priceless. Human rights, we were taught, but, is freedom truly free? At that time, the votes of the people truly did matter and in turn, their needs became the top priority. If the people wanted to fly, it was only a question of how high and if they wanted to talk, listening ears were made available, but something changed, a god emerged.

“Vox Populi, Vox Dei” the Latin phrase chants, “The Voice of the people is the voice of God”. For so long, this has been the people’s mantra, justifiably so, since power is always ours to give, so we thought.

Were we wrong? Only time will tell but today, power may just be theirs to take. Who would have thought, that such a day will come when that which is of the people, by the people and for the people will turn against the people like an autoimmune disease?

We speak often of some but even deeper, the rot runs, in our homes, schools, religious organisations and our nation. Those in whom we have entrusted power gather around and make self-serving decisions at best, otherwise, destructive ones. Alas, power is a weapon in the hands of the wielder, to wield as he pleases.

What happens when the voice of the people is no longer the voice of God?
What happens when a man plays God and to that God, no offence must come?

Somehow, the line between man and God blurred and paths crossed, now we are left with a case of ” who is he that speaks and it comes to pass if the Lord has not commanded it” We hear the voice as of a God but it’s not the voice of the people, neither does it speak the mind of the people. We also hear the silence and it’s the voice of a God, a silent God. The people keep talking, their cries are loud and unending, their pain is visible to the blind and their fears are palpable but God must be working overtime to silence their voices, deflated egos must rise and the people must pay.

Power belongs to the people but what happens when the people are at the mercy of one? A war on the people has been declared and attempts are being made to shush their mouths. We never did find out what the righteous would do it the foundation be destroyed.

One is left to wonder, is the voice of the people truly the voice of God?

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