“We are committed to the Welfare of Brownites”; ABH Hall Chairperson.


The past few days were highlighted by efforts by the Hall executive council to improve the condition of the ABH reading room, which sits on the first floor of E-block. In the months before the recent refurbishing, the reading room was deserted and dimly lit, with a damaged ceiling board at one of its corners from where rain water seeped in. Although few of the reading room challenges are yet to be attended to, the events of the past days have emphasized the maintenance culture of this current Salami-David led administration.

The ABH reading room serves as a convenient place for Brownites to spend long hours studying

Over the weekend, the 18-watts LED panel lights which were installed in the ceiling were replaced with giant light-saving bulbs. A widely circulated broadcast message signed by the hall executive council also detailed plans to fumigate and clean the reading room ahead of the “fast approaching MB exams”. The ABH Press spoke briefly to the hall chairperson, Mr David Salami about further plans to improve the state of the reading room and the hall at large. He mentioned that the Hall Warden is involved in the refurbishing and sees the roof leak in the reading room as priority. Commenting about other areas in the hall used for social gatherings, he highlighted the improvements in the TV room’s ventilation and ceiling boards. “Also, we recently gained access into the rest room at Famewo Common room, we are currently exploring our options and should restore it soon”, he said.

The ABH reading room is now brightly lit, even at night.

Some members of the ABH community who frequently use the reading room expressed their delight when speaking to ABH Press. The sentiment was that the lights should have been fixed before February as many Brownites who wrote exams in the early months of the year were greatly disadvantaged. Adaramola Daniel from the 2k21 MBBS class particularly agreed that the lights had been a problem, albeit a manageable one. He said. “…the lights have been rather dim for a while now but I’ve been managing it, which is why I never thought to complain to anyone.”

Brownites can now look to study in a brightly lit reading room, thanks to the efforts of the executive committee to improve the standard of living in the hall.

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