Under the Microscope: The Health and Sanitation Ministry. 



A couple of months ago, the Health and Sanitation Minister (HSM), Mr Jesufemi Adeyeye, mesmerized Brownites, waxing eloquent with his “workable”, “cost-efficient” and “Brownite-inclusive” plans for the coming tenure. He emphasized that he had a good understanding of the sanitation challenges in the hall and was committed to stamping them out. Brownites were not quick to forget the fragile state of the Health and Sanitation Ministry he was about to inherit- one which collapsed under weak leadership.

Since assuming office, Mr. Adeyeye has made some impressive strides; ensuring a steady supply of water within the hall, making the first aid box available during sporting activities, organizing the Hepatitis B Vaccination Drive and making the ABH In-reach a success. Needless to mention, Mr. Jesufemi Adeyeye has been hailed in some quarters as one of the most performing members of the current executive council.

However, a cursory glance through the manifesto he campaigned with leaves a different impression from what many perceive. The proportion of his campaign promises which either fall terribly behind schedule or are yet to be met with a blueprint for execution could cause one to be taken aback.

One of such promises is to organize rat extermination exercises “regularly and repeatedly” by placing stale bread laced with poisoned oil at strategic locations within the hall. Mr. Adeyeye expressed keen desire to match the stellar heights that ABH witnessed during Mr. Olugbile Dolapo’s time as the Health and Sanitation minister. Rough estimates reveal that ABH should be gearing up her 9th rat extermination exercise and looking forward to few more before Christmas; but the reverse is the situation. While speaking to a member of the Health and Sanitation Ministry who would be kept anonymous for obvious reasons, ABH Press learned that at their last meeting, it was said that because the poisoned bread did not work for the last tenure, there is the necessity to find other methods to exterminate rats in ABH. He said that new suggestions as to going about it are being sourced for.

Plans to carry out and publish results of WEEKLY assessment of cafeteria food vendors also seem to have taken forever to kick off. To date, there is no digital or paper publication of assessment to Brownites. Interestingly, the inspection of cafeterias is now a rare event in the monthly diary of the H&S Ministry. Our source revealed that assessments of food vendors have been going on with the scores being compiled. He explained that the reason for the delayed score release was that they could not assess all food vendors at the same time as some weren’t available as at the time of assessment and that some were also given more time to make amends. He said that the scores would be released very soon.

The water tanks of ABH are yet to receive their first wash in 2022. With the exception of 2020 where the hall was closed for 11 months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this is presumably the longest they’ve gone without a wash. The first tank washing exercise for this tenure which was slated for 27th August, 2022 was postponed with an insider citing “the lack of available hands” as a reason for this postponement. However, It is now about eight weeks since the proposed first tank washing exercise for this tenure was postponed, but Brownites are yet to get the details of this new timeframe.

Plans to increase the number of waste-bins placed around the hall, provide lids for the available waste bins, relocate the barbecue vendor and routinely fumigate the reading room do not appear to be taking shape.

As we approach the midterm of this tenure, we are blessed with a perfect blend of hindsight and foresight which offers a chance to reflect and refuel motivation tanks. While the general expectation is that there will be a gear shift and most of the campaign’s key promises will be implemented; it is entirely within the purview of the Health Minister to decide which plans will ultimately be carried out and which ones will be recycled by the aspirants of the next election cycle.

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