The Big Brother Naija Reunion show that started airing on the 17th of June, 2021 finally came to an end on July 2nd, 2021. The show had 12 dramatic and was indeed a roller coaster of emotions as housemates talked about their opinions as regards other housemates which sometimes led to altercations. I promised to update you guys on the drama, so fasten your seat belt and ride with me.

On the 8th episode of the reunion, Erica, a disqualified housemate, was present at the reunion for the first time. She was asked about the problems she had with Laycon, the winner of the BBNaija Lockdown season. The duo seems to be the most controversial of all the housemates because they have the largest fanbase. Their drama is one of the highlight moments of this season because it got a lot of people talking and arguing months after the show.

Erica stated clearly that she regrets saying Laycon was the only person that had her back in the house. She also spoke about her relationship with Vee which did not end exactly end on a friendly note as they both claim that they don’t care about each other. However, the “aww” moment of the episode was when Erica and Wathoni reconciled with a hug after settling their differences.

On other episodes last week, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, the host of the show, brought to our screens “unseen moments in the big brother house”. These moments captured housemates gossiping about other housemates and the memorable fights between the housemates in the big brother house. Brighto won the “gossip” title as most housemates voted him as the gossip of the house. One of the memorable fights was Tolanibaj and Kat3na’s fight in the house where Tolanibaj was giving Kat3na ‘hot hot’.

A number of the housemates agreed that Kat3na was very bossy in the house and she had it coming as Tolanibaj was tired of her. Other moments showed Tochi and Brighto talking about Prince and how they didn’t think he was financially capable to pursue Nengi in the house. Prince reacted to this by saying he likes when people think he is not financially buoyant. After all, they won’t come to him for help because they think he is as broke as they are. Burn?!! 

In the last episodes, Neo and Prince went on a brutal back and forth about something Neo said. Prince claimed he took Neo as a brother and Neo backstabbed him by saying he was lying about his story. Prince also added that the housemates saw him as a major threat and they tried to sabotage him a couple of times when it came to tasks. Vee responded to this by saying that no one except him could have made him lose a task. The housemates especially Ozo complained about Prince’s attitude when he lost a task and how he projected his sadness on other housemates. Prince defended himself saying he is allowed to feel however he wants to feel when he fails a task.

Neo and Prince

All in all, every beginning always has an end. The reunion show ended on a positive note. It was very entertaining and a lot of people are looking forward to meeting the next set of housemates for the next season. If you missed the reunion show, you can catch up on YouTube and enjoy the drama.

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