“UIMSA is my top priority…I want to focus on the social aspect of UIMSA,” Vice Presidential Aspirant, Adenike says


As UUIMSA 6IMSITES are set to elect a new set of executives and senators to serve the association for the next one year, ABH Press had an interview session with Miss Adenike Adejuwon, one of the aspirants for the post of vice president in the upcoming UIMSA election to know her plans for the association.

ABH Press : Can you please introduce yourself to ABH Press?

Adenike : My name is Adenike Adejuwon, I’m a 500 level medical student. I’ve served UIMSA in numerous capacities mostly in the senate since my 100 level and in the last executive tenure as the treasurer. I hail from Osun State.

ABH Press : Since you’ve been serving UIMSA since 100 level, why did you decide to join UIMSA politics as far back as 100 level?

Adenike: I usually shy away from that word ‘politics’ (laughs) as I don’t know how to do politics. The interest came in 100 level when the 2014 set in 300 level then came to conduct elections for class captain and assistant. Surprisingly to me, no girl came out and I was wondering who will represent the females in the class. I decided then to step out. This gave other girls the motivation to step forward and I was really super proud of myself for making other girls step forward. I was eventually voted as the assistant class representative. Since then, UIMSA has been dear to me, UIMSA has been my baby. After medicine, the next on my priority list is UIMSA and if something is your priority, you will want to see it grow.

ABH Press : ls that why you want to continue serving UIMSA?

Adenike: Yes and moreover, UIMSA is like a training ground where you are groomed especially on the senate floor. As one of the slogan on the floor says, ‘learning is a continuous process’. I have learnt a lot in UIMSA and I’m back to learn more and again to give myself back to UIMSA. UIMSA has done a lot for us…

ABH Press : A lot like how? What memorable thing has UIMSA done for you?

Adenike : UIMSA has done a lot in running the association, organising outstanding events and activities and showcasing UIMSA to the world despite the little due UIMSITES pay.

 ABH Press : You were in the last executive tenure, how would you assess yourself?

Adenike : I did pretty well. Though the office of the treasurer has little constitutional work, I contributed some inventions to the office like adding a cash receipt and invoice, reduced the size of the UIMSA receipt and produced more. The tenure as a whole did exceptionally well. The president, Olakorede-Jacob Ojo gave us wings to fly, innovate and work together as a united team.

ABHPress: You are running for the post of Vice President of UIMSA. Why vice president and what are the plans you have for UIMSITES?

Adenike : I’m running for Vice President because I intend to focus on the social Aspect of UIMSITES and that’s actually key because the Vice President of UIMSA is in charge of the social and cultural aspect of UIMSA…

ABH Press : Are you talking about UIMSA Week and its various events?

Adenike : Well yes, but I noticed that apart from the UIMSA week, we don’t really have a social life. Think about it, apart from our week, what other social event do we do?

ABH Press : What about CHAP and things like the Earth Day?

Adenike : Come on!!! CHAP and all those other things are humanitarian programs.

ABH Press : Okay, so what are the social events you’re thinking of?

Adenike : As I said, we don’t have a lot of social events and even the humanitarian projects we do have, there have been a lot of restrictions and that’s something that in this last tenure we tried to address by branching out and increasing our number of CHAP projects. I feel we could also add a number of other humanitarian projects not just CHAP alone.


ABH Press : Back to the major issue, tell us more about these social events you are speaking of?

Adenike : UIMSA has not gone out of Ibadan unless for things like quiz or NIMSA games. What I want is for us to go out and have fun. We haven’t done this because of our number and our calendar. I believe there’s something we can do about it and don’t have to be restricted by those two things.

ABH Press : How feasible do you think your plan to take the whole UIMSA Body out of Ibadan is?

Adenike : It’s feasible and I’ve thought about it. But the thing is, sacrifices have to be made.

ABH PRESS: Sacrifices like what?  So UIMSITES would know beforehand If you do become the Vice President?

Adenike : You want me to say everything (laughs)

ABH Press : Of course, we just want to know about your plans for UIMSITES

Adenike : First of all, we’re going to have to pay, of course…

ABH Press : So UIMSITES should be ready and start gathering money now…

Adenike : Yes (laughs) and also because UIMSA is made up of about 1200 students we can’t all go out because even the school management won’t allow that. There would have to be a certain number of people we can take per class so, it’d have to be a first come first served sort of thing.

ABH Press : Do you have any other plans?

Adenike : Yes, I have quite a number of things but let’s save them for the Manifesto Day when everyone will be there to hear them.

ABH Press : Seeing that you have an opponent who is also in the senior class, why should UIMSITES vote for you?

Adenike : Like I said, since 100 level, my passion for UIMSA has been burning and it has never died. This passion has kept me going and when you have passion for something, you tend to give it your all. UIMSITES should be rest assured that I will give UIMSA my best.

ABH Press : So you are promising UIMSITES your best if elected?

Adenike : Yes, I am. I’ve already told all other organisations I’m in beforehand that UIMSA is my number one priority. Even after medical school, I won’t leave UIMSA hanging, I’ll still be passionate about UIMSA (laughs). UIMSA has been thriving on the hard work of some people and I’m ready to put in that hard work that is required.

ABH Press : We have seen your campaign poster, what is the reason behind your campaign slogan, ‘Effective Continuity?’

Adenike : I was part of the last executive tenure, and that was what birthed continuity. Therefore, if you vote for me as the vice president, it will be a continuous work, and effective in that I’ll not just sit down and assist the president, I’m going to be effective and do what I promised to do.

ABH Press : Finally, what do you have to say to ABH Press?

Adenike : ABH Press, I love what you guys I’ve been doing so far. It’s like your fire just keep burning brighter and brighter.

ABH Press : Thank you so much for your time.

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