FCR, ABH- The Manifesto night for the aspirants of the 2017/2018 administrative year which held yesterday, August 30 at the Famewo Common Room (FCR), Alexander Brown Hall (ABH) took quite an eventful turn.

With the electorate coming from across the levels of the association, including viewers from various departments: Law, Physiotherapy, dentistry and Basic Medical Science who came to listen to the various aspirants, in what set to be a night of persuasiveness and fervor.

Things took quite a twist, with the manifestos of the aspirants for the position of Vice President: Mr.Damola Obisesan and Miss Adenike Adejuwon. With the electorate clearly divided amongst both parties, supporting fans and friends did not waste any more time to seize the opportunity, turning towards sentiments and unfounded accusations against both aspirants in an attempt to unnerve the opposing team.

With the former vice President, Mr.Tolu Oni stepping forward with bold accusations against one of the aspirants, Miss Adejuwon, pointing fingers at her past years of service; having worked with her in the past tenure to the highly emotional remarks of former members of the executive council; one thing indeed was certain as the event came to a close: the minds of the electorate were still unconvinced about the aspirants.

Taking to various social media platforms, members of the association described the night as “petty” and filled with nepotism; as it was clear that people had only come to dig up dirts of the sort with political propagandas underneath.

“Honestly, today was really petty and highly sentimental. A lot of personal opinions and bias against people. I didn’t expect this from us. While I know that this is politics, it is really surprising the lengths people go to make their point heard,” a member of the 2015 set of the association lamented.

” I am happy that UIMSAites are finally becoming more participatory and attaining political awareness.it showed today with the vibrancy of the elections. However, facts should be verified . . I heard a lot of really pathetic questions today,” another decried.

“It was a pure Damola’s team versus Nike’s team today. It was so clear that Tolu was clearly for Team Damola. May the best man win tomorrow,” another member from the 2014 class added.

Many UIMSAites were left wondering whether the former vice-president had a personal grudge with one of the aspirant and frowned upon the unfounded allegations brought forward. Others have described it as a fair fight, saying both aspirants received equal amount of unfounded accusations .

” He was so so biased today! I mean, bringing a jotter??? He should have been more objective. Besides, they worked together last tenure. It’s just sad,” a member of the 2017 class said

Although the virtual manifesto via the Skype medium experienced some network difficulties, members of the association were still able to listen and communicate with aspirants who were not present at the event due to the NIMSA games. Comments about the general performance of the aspirants showed a high level of satisfaction, as members of the association were impressed with the contents and plans brought forward by the aspirants.

” The aspirants had really good plans, like all of them. Asides the squabbles of the VPs. .they had pretty good plans., the few undecided minds will have a pretty hard time choosing the right candidate for the VP”

“I hope the ABH PRESS is happy now. I hope the Legend Ige has been vindicated with his manifesto plans,” a member of the 2016 class said

Come 9a.m today, the polls will be opened and the voting will commence.

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