UIMSA DECIDES 2018:IGE’S DECLARATION OF INTENT TO RUN FOR SPORTS SECRETARY; A sudden call to service or a misguided priority?


Things are taking quite an interesting turn as UIMSAites gradually approach the D-day to decide the fate of the association for the next year.

500 level sportsman and extrovert, Opeyemi Ige in the late hours of Sunday, August 25, picked up a form for office, officially declaring his intention to run for the position of the Sports Secretary of the Association. In what appears as an unexpected and shocking event, even to members of his constituency, Ige set his course on the turbulent sea of politics few hours to the closing of sales of form; which begs the question – What has he been doing all the while?

No doubt, this sudden,unprepared course of action became crystal to the electorate, having performed on average at the screening exercise, topping the bottom of the score sheet with a fair attempt of 58%.

Perhaps, contributing to this may be his physical absence from the exercise, as he is currently is away representing the association at the Nigerian Medical Students’ Associations’ (NiMSA) games holding at the University of Ilorin, Kwara state. However, this would not have been the case, had a more careful and well-planned preparations been put in place; as another aspirant, Segun Onaade, who also is away for the games, garnered a total of 79% despite not being present physically for the exercise.

Few who have seen the campaign poster have wondered deeply about the ambiguity of his theme “You decide” wondering if this is a symbol of humility, acknowledging the voting power of the electorate; or a call for inclusiveness in his plans, a sort of , “carrying UIMSAites along in every decision and giving them the deciding power“. The footnote does not quite help the dilemma – “ Legend Ige“; further putting UIMSAites in the dark about the intents of this young man.

With little or no publicity from supporters nor members of the 500 level class regarding Ige’s intent; it appears that not much faith or confidence has been invested by the young sportsman in the minds of the electorate about his goodwill for the association. From all indications, this clearly has the bold signs of “ I do not have a campaign team to guide me. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

Such a hasty, last-minute decision for a delicate matter such as this, may not have been the best political approach; further highlighting his political naivete, which will need a lot of refining; should the electorate decide to pardon his hasty decision.

This will lie entirely on IGE’S ability to prove his commitment to the association and convince UIMSAites at the manifesto that his intentions are purely of servitude and not of misguided priorities.

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  1. KnigHt says

    I’m utterly disappointed and disgusted at the ABH Press for such an article. This is nothing other than a slanderous comment borne out of sheer malicious intents.
    This is not worthy of publication at all, as it questions the motto of the ABH press herself.
    Kindly remove this article. Thank you.

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