Meet our MCM: Ernesto Dibia, 21, is a 400 level student of the department of Biomedical Laboratory Sciences (BMLS) and currently doubles as the President of the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences. He comes from a family of six and has three siblings. He hails from Imo state and a proud “Biafran”.

Date of Birth: 19th November

Fun Fact: My father’s name is Ernest. My first sister’s name is Ernestine and my name is Ernesto. My baby brother’s name is McErnest and the last baby girl in the family is Ernestina. (I do hope to continue something this cool with my children’s names)

Best Food: I like to eat a lot, so I have no favourite. I tend to cure my boredom with food.

Best Colour: All shades of Blue

Type of Music: Strictly gospel, occasionally Adekunle Gold


Football Team: I am a fan of Barcelona and Messi is my “G.O.A.T”


Sometime between JSS3 and SS1, due to having the best Junior WAEC result, my dad wanted me to study Medicine. As an act of rebellion, I decided to study MLS. Plus he wanted me to become a neurosurgeon because of Ben Carson and I falsely heard there was no place to practice it. Most importantly, I am a Christian ad I speak with God a lot and He told me MLS.

Any extra-curricular activity?

I volunteer once in a while. I am also a member of the Jason Foundation here in UCH. I also write, both poems and short stories but mostly poetry. I am a public speaker (I put it last because it is below the activity chain). I think myself an innovator as well. I just recently finished a course at Ibadan Business School last week.

About Public Speaking?

ERNESTO 5It started out spontaneously for me, as I would engage in conversations lasting up to five hours with a person without getting bored and not boring the person out. It started around February 2017 when I got into ABH, but prior, I was a fan of public speaking especially in Sultan Bello Hall and the Jaw Wars. Then I got in for the Warden’s Challenge in ABH for the trial and ended up in third place. This served as a major booster for me and so I joined the Literary and Debating Society. So far, it has been ups and downs with me finishing Incantato Oratory Competition in fourth place last year, and this year as the winner.

Most Embarassing Moment?

IN 2014, after bragging to my uncle that I could drive, he gave me his new car. Right in front of the house, I was put to shame as I could not drive. A crowd gathered and they were shouting at me to stop. He has not given me his car since then.

What do you find most attractive in a woman?

Great conversationalist, God-fearing, focused and beautiful. I mean literal beauty, not inner beauty alone.


Relationship Status?

I am in a relationship. I cannot say what attracted me to her but we met at a youth camp in 2016 on the dancefloor. We conversed a lot and so the story goes on. She is a student of UI.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I want to do my MSc and PhD afterwards; then get married with two kids and have a diagnostic and Research laboratory. Also, I should have risen in ranks in the hospital setting.


What people do not know about you

I am an amazing cook that makes exceptionally great beans. I love cycling and I borrow “Enzy’s” bike, but he does not know. I have too many voices in my head, about 21 of them and I talk to random things in my possession.

Personal Quotes

Without determination, you won’t start and most importantly, without consistency; you won’t finish.”- Denzel Washington

The true test of character is how you treat those who can do absolutely nothing in return for you” – Mother Theresa

shoot for the moon, even if you miss; you would land amongst the stars” – Leslie Brown

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