The Ongoing Cafeteria Renovation; Brownites Speak


– Ekene Okwunze, ABH Press

With the new wave of renovations rushing through Alexander Brown Hall, there remains no Brownite who can claim to have not been directly affected. While many still feel sidelined owing to the undue neglect of their blocks, a handful are enthusiastic about the new face that the cafeteria will soon wear. In a series of interviews, the ABH Press Organization sort to find out what Brownites had to say with respect to the ongoing renovation.
The social and buttery minister, Mr Ige was exceptionally pleased with the thoughtfulness that led to the renovation. While admitting to the discomfort Brownites have to face when having to eat in the open air, he was of the opinion that the endpoint of the renovation will be worth the wait. When asked what brownites should be expecting following the six-week long renovation, he said, “the ventilation will be improved, and the kiosks within will also be renovated. Basically, everything that will be done will be geared towards improving the services rendered to Brownites”.

A Brownite who spoke on the condition of anonymity was of the opinion that the customer service rendered to brownite as well as the quality of the food sold at T&K should be accorded as much importance as the renovation. “I do not buy food on credit so I don’t understand why the customer service rendered to me at the cafeteria should be terrible”; he said. While speaking to the correspondent of ABHPO, the quality of food at T&K, the quantity of food at prestige, the state of hygiene as well the customer service rendered were all identified as being more urgent than the ongoing recolouring and restructuring.
Another Brownite who also pleaded anonymity remarked that she is less interested in the ongoing renovation and therefore has almost no expectations. She further pointed out that the reason that necessitated the ongoing renovation is to many still oblivious, if not non-existent. When asked to list the expectations of the ongoing renovation in order of priority, a hygiene friendly environment, a properly ventilated place, and an increase in the number of chairs and tables were most frequent.

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