I sat outside on a long bench, letting the cool breeze hit my face as I looked up to the sky, mesmerized by the array of stars I could see shining so brightly. I focused on the stars, lost in their beauty and vastness. They spread across the sky in large waves, I could almost make out something from them. It was indeed a beautiful night.
The weather was just perfect as I felt a warm hand on mine. I turned to look into his sparkling eyes as he took his seat beside me. He pulled me closer to him and there was nowhere else I wanted to be. I could smell his fresh scent from the bath he just took, mixed in with his strong cologne and I scooted even closer to take in some more.
We both sat in comfortable silence, neither of us saying a word, each of us taking in the beautiful view above us with his arm wrapped around me, relishing the moment in that space. I never wanted to let go; I felt so at peace with myself.
I turned to look at him once more and he was no longer there. I realized it must have been my imagination once again. The breeze felt chilly all of a sudden and a wave of loneliness hit me. I slowly stood up and made my way back into the house…back to my misery.

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