There’s been a major sanitation problem in the great Alexander Brown Hall (ABH), to which the state and location of the dumpsite have played a contributory factor. Strategically located beside the car park and also not very far from our cafeteria “kitchens”, its aesthetic and health implications cannot be overstated. Every year, we have had promises made as regards improvements to the dumpsite and have been left disappointed…well until now.

On Thursday, 6th October 2022, the new dumpsite and incinerator constructed by the Rotary Club of Ibadan – Jericho Metro, was commissioned. The process, which started with a proposal by the executive council of Alexander Brown Hall, and was presented by delegates (the Social and Buttery Minister, Miss Ebunoluwa Adedeji and Miss Onietan Ibukun, the immediate past President of Rotary Club, UCH) to Rotary Club Oritamefa – Jericho Metro, eventually saw a partnership between ABH and Falase Hall as a warden in the hall is a Rotary Club member, and the needs of both halls as regards sanitation aligned. Located behind G-block, (or more accurately behind the BQs behind G-block), the new dumpsite was built to serve Alexander Brown Hall and her sister hall, Falase. The Hall management went on to work with the Town planning of the University of Ibadan and Rotary Club members to bring the project to life. The project took an estimated 30 days from foundation to commissioning.

The District Governor, Rtn Goddy Nnadi (PhD, mni.), giving his address.

The commissioning started at about 11:15 am and was done by the District Governor, Rtn Goddy Nnadi (PhD, mni.). The dumpsite and incinerator was one of several projects by Rotary Club of Ibadan – Jericho Metro, which were commissioned on that day. In his address, he stated that he was gladdened by the thought process that went into the project and its actualization made him happy as it is of great environmental impact. He also expressed his appreciation to the University community for giving Rotary Club the opportunity to carry out the project and be of service. Following his address, he proceeded to cut the ribbon and further inspect the project. Also present at the commissioning were the Director of Physical Planning, University of Ibadan (UI), Engr. Dr Adesogan, and Town Planning Officers from the Town Planning Unit, UI. There were also representatives from the Hall Management led by the Hall Warden, Dr Uchendu. Dr Mary Ugalahi and Dr Temitope Ilori, assistant Hall Wardens of ABH, were also in attendance. There was representation from Falase Hall in the persons of Dr Oluyemisi Folasire and Dr Eniola Bamgboye. Members of the ABH Executive Council were also at the event, led by the Hall Chairman; and the Deputy Speaker, Miss Semiloore Atere. The commissioning ended at about 12: 30pm.

The District Governor officially commissioning the dumpsite and incinerator.

Amidst the joy of this new development, certain pertinent issues have been raised. One of the many questions includes the burning question of the fate that would befall the old dump site. There have also been security concerns seeing that the incinerator has doors which open into ABH and the main entrance of Falase Hall respectively, creating another alternate entrance into the hall. Speaking with the Hall Chairperson, Mr Salami David, he stated that all the dirt from the old dumpsite will be moved and a notice will be put up stating that the dumping of refuse there will be prohibited. He added that it could be demolished to allow the place be used for other things. As regards security, he mentioned that the doors will be locked normally and a padlock will also be used for added security. He added that the keys to the entrance from ABH will be given to the Hall Chairperson of Alexander Brown Hall and the Health and Sanitation Minister. Those for the entrance closer to Falase Hall will be handed over to its Hall Governor. The head of cleaners and the Chief Security Officer will however be given the keys to the doors from either side. Finally, he allayed fears as regards the smell emanating from the dumpster could be a problem for people leaving the BQ, as well as occupants of G-Block. To combat this he mentioned that waste nylons will be used in packing the refuse into the dumpsite rather than pouring refuse on the floor. Incineration will also be done as frequently as possible.

From L-R: The Hall Secretary, Miss Zainab Akinteye; the Finance Minister, Miss Tolu Abodunrin; the Hall Warden, Dr. Uchendu; the Hall Chairperson, Mr. David Salami; the Deputy Speaker of the House, Miss Semiloore Atere; and the Female Affairs Minister, Miss Gbemisola Oderemi.

It is undeniable that this new development is applaudable. We cannot wait for the new dumpsite and incinerator to be fully functional as we are certain that it will improve the sanitation in the hall. We also hope that our maintenance culture will be top-tier to ensure the longevity of the new dumpsite. Congratulations to the great Alexander Brown Hall community.

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