It’s happening again, just like every other night. This time it leaves me disoriented and breathless. More than ever, it feels so real and it takes forever to calm my insanely pounding heart; to clear my head of the horrid images I keep seeing.

Sleep eludes me. They appear whenever I close my eyes even for a tiny moment. Even my own shadow scares me. It takes other shapes and forms I can’t fathom. The dark terrifies me and daylight is not any different.
Sometimes it suffocates me, strangling me and leaving me gasping for air. Other times I’m falling, falling into an endless pit reaching out to a hand that’s out of reach.
I see the shadows lurking in the dark, monitoring my every movement, depriving me of my freedom. I see the formless figures, dancing about, as if mocking me. I see them pursuing me, chasing me. I see images of things unreal that keep frightening me, scaring the daylight out of me.
When will I ever be free; free of these nightmares, of the dark, of these images I see everywhere. Free of the shadows that keep haunting me? When will I ever be free?

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