Report on the press conference that took place on September 4, 2021 at 8pm
Hall Chairman
In commemoration of 150 days in office, the Hall Chairman, Jegede Olaoye, gave a report on his progress so far in achieving the promises he made to Brownites which are as follows:

1. Consistent and relentless representation of the interest and views of all Brownites before the Hall Warden especially as it concerns their welfare
This has been achieved as the Hall executives and management deterred the close down of ABH 2 weeks ago due to the outbreak of COVID-19 via the use of Carter Building as an isolation center and the personal welfare of those isolated. So far, about #62,000 has been spent on the purchase of drugs alone.
The Hall executives are also working on the legalization of the use contrabands in the hall.

2. More proactive and effective approach to tackling the issue of security in the hall
This is ongoing as the Hall executives are working hard to ensure the implementation of the security guidelines that was instructed by the university’s security team. One of which has been acted one, that is, the fixing of lights on floors.

3. Organization of self-development and capacity building programs like digital skills training programs, seminars and leadership programs
Some of the programs such as the financial seminar and finalist forum are coming soon while some might be scrapped by the Hall Assembly due to obvious financial constraints. The COVID-19 issue has also been a disadvantage for the implementation of some of the beautiful plans as attention had to be diverted.

4. Continuity of the project embarked on by the outgoing administration
It is planned that the clothing line project would begin next week

5. Mental health awareness program
In collaboration the Asido Network, a mental health walk is to take place on the 10th September, 2021.
Ongoing plans to begin a mental health program to provide mental health support to Brownites.

6. Organization of social activities
Most have been put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic but it is hoped that all these would be over soon.

7. Fundraising
This would start very soon as contacts of possible sponsors have been gotten form the Assistant Hall Warden.

Questions were raised the probability of the College closing down the hall, vaccination for Brownites, how soon is soon for places such as tv and reading room be opened, if virtual trainings were considered and what plans are there for communication via the public address system.

Answers were given that the Hall management is not answerable to the Provost of the College of Medicine but to the Dean of students, plans are ongoing about the vaccination, Brownites are not following the COVID-19 guidelines and should not present at A&E but to the Hall executive council so as to hasten the process, plans are made for virtual training and that the plan to extend the wire of the public address system to G block speakers was put on hold due to financial constraint but still in mind.

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