The Public Address system (stationary ones) has been fixed. The information Minister noted that the funds allocated was only able to fix and connect the stationary speakers for the C and D blocks, however G block couldn’t get connected because the funds were not enough to get sufficient cables for the connection. She however noted that the reason why the PA system hasn’t been put to use was because of the MBBS 2K17 class who were writing exams and were complaining that it disturbed their reading but she said it has since been tested.

COMUI Wi-Fi: The ministry has written to the college management to increase the bandwidth but there is no response yet. The COMUI Wi-Fi process is now entirely virtual, as there won’t be the need to meet anybody physically for either purchase or renewal of account. The IT unit was also approached to provide more routers within the hall but instead, they would run fiber optics.

NOTICE BOARDS: During the last administration, an agreement was reached with a contractor to provide new notice boards for associations and organisations who wished to change theirs. The information Minister noted that she has followed through on that agreement and the new notice boards have been handed over to the respective owners. However, she clarified that the existing agreement only catered for the provision and not the fixing of the notice boards, maintaining that the fixing will be done on an individual basis. She also revealed that spaces have been allocated to the various organizations.

SOCIAL MEDIA HANDLES: She explained that ABH operates two social media accounts; Twitter and Instagram. The ABH Parrot on Twitter hasn’t been so interactive because of the FGs ban on its operations in the country but the online community still get updated about important activities such as monthly birthdays, Induction etc. However, on Instagram, she noted that the number of followers have increased and about 3 weeks ago, the ministry began ABH medpreneur on the platform, which is not just exclusive to business matters but also covers Brownites’ interview.

ABHPRESS WEBSITE REFURBISHING: She stated that instead of creating a new website for ABH, she intends on synergising with ABH press by using their website as a source for ABH Newsletters and that plans are underway to work this out. However, a major concern was raised as regards the independence of the press from the executive so as to avoid compromise on the part of the press. In response to this, she deflected from her earlier stated plan, as it seems as if she had suddenly developed cold feet. She cited an example of an organisation like UIMSA that have started issuing Newsletters which is not widely subscribed to, hence, she came to the conclusion that there might not be Newsletters for this tenure fearing that it might not really serve purpose.

When asked about the opinion polls, she assured the press that it should be expected by September 11, that is three months after resumption. The university resumed June 11.


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