By Chinedu Nwaduru, ABH PRESS

There are just some things that cannot be overlooked, especially when Arts and traditions are involved.

It is a tradition in Alexander Brown Hall for different clubs and societies to encourage their members especially during examination by sending them goodwill messages, and putting up posters on various notice boards in a bid to show love and care.

Perhaps the OSUN State Medical Students Association (OSUNMSA) decided to reignite the childhood memories of the Physiotherapy students in their association by writing out their goodwill message in a rather uniquely intriguing manner.

Particularly interesting is the choice of handwriting interspersed with really humorous crayon works, reminding us of our developing skills whilst in nursery school.

Bearing the indirect signatory of the President and Public Relations Officer, it is safe to say that this artwork has the full backing of the executive and the entire love of the people of OSUN State and perhaps the Ooni of Ife all enshrined in this paper work.

We congratulate all Physiotherapy students as they continue their examinations, and applaud the OSUNMSA welfare team for their “stirring” artwork.

Everyone is indeed unique in their own way!

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