-By Irene Opara, ABH PRESS

ABH, UCH – The Potters in ABH who are almost always calm and understanding lost their cool today, Wednesday the 12th of September after a smoke incident on C – block second floor. This unexpected outburst of annoyance may have accumulated following the fire incidents occurring on A-block topmost floor 2 weeks ago and last week Friday. All due to electrical sources.

On Wednesday, August 29, 2018, one of the occupants on the left wing of A-block topmost floor unknowingly left her hot plate on with a pot of stew or soup or rice (the contents of the pot could not be identified because it was burnt to ashes) on top of it. Apparently, she was warming the food and had to rush out immediately for an activity. The smoke from the room could be seen from the staircase as you approach the floor. The timely intervention of the occupants of the floor and the potters who had to kick down the door, prevented a possibility of a total fire outbreak and though they were annoyed, the potters left the owner of the hot plate with a warning and words of parental advice.

While the stench of the smoke from the fire was still on our noses and the reality of what could have happened was still on our minds, another fire incident broke out on the same floor nut on the right wing. This time, due to some faulty of inappropriate electrical connection linked to a hot plate. The potters that arrived at the scene along with Mr. Audu the Hall Supervisor immediately went along the corridor of the floor and seized every hot plate in sight. “they don’t even hide it anymore” one of the potters lamented.

Their anger couldn’t have been more aggravated as they saw the smoke oozing out slowly from a room in C-block second floor just 5 days after the incident in A-block. They immediately went up there, seized the hot plate and went further to other rooms on that floor, first floor and ground floor searching vigorously for contraband items. Though the smoke incident was due to a hot plate, but this time it was not a pot of food but a comb which was left nearby and started melting after they brought they light suddenly in the afternoon. The potters didn’t want to hear any explanations and immediately asked the lady to evict the hostel immediately.

Though the hot plate is still in custody of the potters, she was pardoned. “it has all been settled now” she said.

It will be a chilly day in ABH if thermometer who is already at boiling point gets a wind of this events and orders that all rooms be searched and contraband items seized immediately. It is common knowledge that Brownites no dey carry last for appliances. I won’t be surprised if a Yamaha family sized generator is found in someone’s room


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