If I could turn back the hand of time, I would never have met my doom. If I could beg for a thing, it would be to never have known you. Little did I know, your contagious smile sucks my destiny. You are Delilah, I am Samson.
Delilah, what have you done to me?
My heart has been stolen by those who feed on it. My mind is being ruled by the one who wants me dead.
How did you do the magic?
One moment I was at your door. Next, in your bed I slept, peacefully, dead! You placed your lips on mine and hushed me not to say a word. If I had known my life was on the line, I would have run for dear life.
“Take me”
You said to me without a blink. My spirit wanted to stop but my body craved with lust.
“How would I snap out of this reverie?”
My spirit was agonized. Oh! I am going down.
“I can’t do this”
It was my voice! You pleaded with your eyes and you touched places I never knew existed. You guided my hands to what looked like hell.

You placed your soft palm on my head, and ask what my strength was. My eyes had never seen those things you showed me, your sweet words were strange to my ears.

I was the future of my father, the only hope my mother lived on. I was the dream of my brother, my sister’s destiny. Oh, how did these all change at the sight of you?
I was never going to tell you, O Delilah. I was never going to lay in your bed all night, but it’s too late to turn back. I was never going to tell what my strength was.
You made me do the things I never wanted to.
Just like tear drops rolling from my eyes. Just like rain drops drizzling from the sky. So I lay down, thinking about my life. And I stay there, staring at the sky. Because I’ve promised to love you morning and night. And I thought you were the centre of my life. Now it seems it couldn’t be you and I.
Night has gone and morning has finally come. I couldn’t sleep anymore; because it’s already dawn. My tears didn’t count; the deed has been done. How could I forget how soon you were gone?
Now that you have the keys to my life and grave, will I live or die? Tomorrow might be a day on earth, probably a night in the grave. How do I face the ones who depend on me? How do I tell how the glory was lost? O Delilah, why is your bed my tomb?
Our many promises, they rang in my ears. Your many sweet words, they clouded my mind. Oh! it’s never your fault. And now, I am but a carcass.


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