MI6 2

-By Tobi Olusakin

It’s been 22 years since the original Mission: Impossible (can your GOAT even…) and 56 year old Tom Cruise is trying to prove to us that ‘age is just a number’ when it comes to acting. There’s no doubt that mission: impossible fallout will be one of the best movies released this year. The Ethan Hunt franchise is one of the few ones that keeps viewers entertained throughout (this sub belongs to Twilight). If you feel that the fifth instalment is absolutely mind blowing, prepare to have your feet swept off the ground with pieces of your mind splattered all over the walls in the cinema (or your room) whilst watching this masterpiece (pardon my violent thoughts).

MI6 3.jpg

One thing to talk about is the heavy plot, it manages to solve all the puzzles and resolve the confusions viewers will probably have early on. It does not have the cliché profile that most action packed  movies  tend  to  have these days; it is very intertwined. It   also    has    a    lot    of    deep connections    with    the    Rouge Nation (5th instalment); watching the    prequels    beforehand     will make this movie a nice one to watch.

The stunts in this movie are just amazing and incredible. My respect for this movie increased when I found out that the stunts were real- performed by Tom Cruise himself (age is just a number). The stunt scenes kept viewers at the edge of their seats every time they came on. Bear in mind that CGI is almost non-existent in this movie.

The actors also killed their parts. In this movie, Henry Cavil showed us that he is not restricted to the superhero role (Clark Kent in DC’s Man of Steel, Batman Vs Superman, and Justice League) as he donned that villain garment with so much swagger. Tom Cruise did what he does best, wowing the audience with such a stellar performance.

Another thing worth mentioning about this movie is the fact that there is less use of over-the- top artificial techs, and there were more realistic stunts, as opposed to the prequels.


All I have for this movie are praises; there are hardly any negatives to jump on. It is definitely a movie worth watching anytime. I give it an 8.5, you probably would too when you watch it.

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