By Iranoyv

Hi guys ! Today we would be talking about wearing pattern (print) on pattern . There is a popular misconception that patterned outfits cannot be paired.

Personally I think it’s a lie told by lazy dressers, that has managed to live on for quite a while . I’ll be sharing a few tips on how to combine different print outfits . You’re are just 7 tips away from being a demi-god at different outfit print combinations. Yay!

Tip 1

Choose one print to dominate and one as an accent.

Tip 2

Pick two prints that share a single color.

Choosing prints that have a common color will help your outfit feel cohesive and put-together, rather than sloppy.

This fun, beachy boys combo works because the camouflage and palm-tree print both have the same dark blue.

PRINT 8.png

Tip 3.

Treat stripes like a neutral.

The simpler the prints, the easier they are to mix. In the world of mixing and matching, stripes are considered neutrals – they go with anything. Simple prints like stripes look good with more complex or organic prints, such as florals.

Here, we’ve teamed this gorgeous floral skirt with a black and white striped tee. The clean lines from the stripes balance out the bright colors in the skirt.

Crisp and clean, this striped pullover works beautifully with a classic red gingham print.
PRINT 7.jpg

Tip 4.

Dots and stripes always work! In a similar vein to tip 3… dots and stripes always work!
This striped sweatshirt and raindrop-print skirt are in the same color family – plus how cute is this combo?!

Tip 5.

Mix prints of different scales.


Pairing a smaller print with a larger print will keep your outfit from looking too busy.
We’ve paired this larger-print Hatley airplane tee with a small-scale striped short. When you’re mixing patterns and prints, keep it balanced with varying print scales.

Tip 6.

If you want to use the same pattern, invert the colors
Pair black stripes on a white background with white stripes on a dark background.

Tip 7.

Pick accessories that have at least one color from the prints to pull outfit together

A tried-and-true tip for pulling any outfit together – accessorize! Choose an accessory that has a color from both of the prints for a polished look. This pink emoji purse is the perfect complement to this watermelon-print dress and scalloped leggings.

As you can see, pairing different print outfits is actually quite simple and fun too. Although this would require you to plan your outfits ahead . We hope you enjoyed this short piece ! Kindly leave comments below and to all the men reading this, don’t worry there would be an article for you soon .

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