UIMSA DECIDES 2018: Preview of Aspirants and Election Timeline


-By Joseph Edun and Chinedu Nwaduru

COMUI, IBADAN -Following the Senate’s resolution on Saturday, August 18, the ban on the election process of the University of Ibadan Medical Students’ Associations (UIMSA) was lifted, beginning another political race and journey for the aspirants who have shown themselves. This year’s election taking quite a unique turn has been declared an electronic voting, with voters been asked to register online to gain authorization to vote. In an interview with the UIMSA Press, the Chairman of the Electoral Commission, Mr. Akingbade Akintoba said the elections will be conducted online, ensuring that every eligible voter be allowed the vote irrespective of distance.
The whole process is set to commence on Monday. This is the rundown of the elections timetable:
Monday 27\08\2018 – Screening
Aspirants for executive positions will be screened by the electoral committee to ascertain their level of competence in leading a diverse and vibrant association as UIMSA.
Tuesday 28\08\2018 – Press Night
The aspirants will be presented to the members of the Press for clarification and questioning on their plans for UIMSITES, how they plan to make UIMSA better and any other question they might have for them.
Wednesday 29\08\2018 – Manifesto night
The aspirants will unveil all their grand plans to make UIMSA continue towing the path of excellence. Regarded as the rate determining step for any successful candidate.
Thursday 30\08\2018 – Election Day
This is the D-day UIMSITES will decide those they want to captain the ship of the association and steer it towards greatness for the next one year. However, UIMSA, taking an laudable step towards global technological advancement in a technologically retrogressive/stagnant country has made the voting to be fully online. UIMSITES are to first register on this platform https://member.uimsa.org.ng after which they will be able to vote.
Candidates from across the levels have presented themselves to serve this great association selflessly. Shall we take a quick review of these selfless, ready to serve UIMSITES?


UIMSA 5.jpeg

In the reverberating footsteps of UIMSA secretary predecessors (Bamiduro Adedotun, Ojo Jacobs), Yahya Muhammad-Bashir is taking on the colossal task of leading the association as the foreman, unopposed. It is expected that the elections should be a smooth ride for him having served conscientiously as the General Secretary in the previous tenure and a vibrant senator for over three years, except a uimsite still lurking furtively somewhere in the association with a devilishly clandestine plan, decides to spring some dramatically sudden and shocking surprise.
With the recent friction between the association and the college, many have questioned the audacious move of this veteran and his ability to remain diplomatic; given his rather opinionated and blunt approach to issues, exemplified in previous events. Bash remains a celebrated leader but clearly not a “Senator James”, and Uimsaites anticipate the administrative path he intends to lead the association through this year.


This year, Uimsites will be torn between two burly aspirants when it comes to choose who to chair their next health week and serve as a competent deputy for their president. Their choice lies steeply between Damola Obisesan, 600 level,
and Adenike Adejuwon, 500 level, who have both served as senators in the senate arm of the association. While Miss Adejuwon served in the last tenure as the treasurer of
the association while Mr Obisesan served as the editor-in-chief of the UIMSA Clinical Press. Perhaps, Adenike is on a mission to bring back the trend of female vice-presidents after the trend of males who have chaired this position for the past two administrations



This is contested unopposed by the innovative Aderounmu Bolu, 500 level, who saw to the transformation of the publicity arm of UIMSA and has won the award for the best UIMSA executive two times consecutively. To have such sharp contrast from a pundit of the social media to an administrator, would be one that will test his tenacity and flexibility. No doubt, all eyes will be on him to see how he will fare from start to finish.


Vying for this post is Segun Onaade, a 500level student who has served as an Associate Editor of the UIMSA CLINCAL PRESS, but is now taking the bold step of holding this position. Interestingly, this intrepid step is daunting but calls for a bit of skepticism to the event of things, seeing as he has had no prior political, legislative or
administrative standing in the association. Clearly “green”, surely Segun will need to convince UIMSAites beyond doubt, of his doggedness to learn and improve on the existing state of affairs, particularly in the office of the Special Duties



So far, only Olaoluwa Olorunfemi, 400 level, has indicated interest in filling the outsized shoes Bolu Aderounmu, the former Public Relations Officer left behind. Having served and excelled previously in the last executive year as the Special Duties Officer, preclinical arm, indubitably, Uimsaites will expect a more proactive approach from this budding leader, capitalizing on the already existing platforms laid down by the previous executives.



The genial yet untested Oluwanifemi Adetona, 400 level, has declared to hold this forte for UIMSITES. She will be a new entrant to the executive body but not a new entrant to UIMSITES as she has served in various committees in the association such as in the
Awosika symposium, Community Health Awareness Programme amongst others.
A rather firm personality with the tenacity of a “prudent leader”, it may seem that minimal work will be required in bringing her to speed on monetary dealings, as she currently serves as the Administrator of Finances at the Panacea Project.
However, many have wondered if Nifemi may function optimally and her future reaction to critical events, having taken a bold step into the spotlight, placing herself under the scrutiny of the public, both administrative and political, considering her very strong background.



To keep our treasury safe and intact, Adeojo Wuraola Oluwapelumi, 400 level,
has decided to make herself available for this delicate work. She has served the association as part of the Awosika committee, Projects committee, Dinner
Committee and in other capacities. Coming out strong is admirable, one cannot help but wonder the plans of the young leader; having remained out of sight up until now; considering that fund-raising is a skill known only to a few who have carefully mastered the art.
With a rather disappointing display of inexperience, evidenced by a rather outrageous campaign note “….na transparency dey rush us”, it may appear that she may be needing constant reminders about the decorum of her office, and not a reckless embrace of “whatever may be trending”; if elected.



Contesting for this is Oluwaferanmi Omitoyin, 400level, though also a new entrant to the executive body, he has however, been a prominent face in UIMSA activities. Having served as a member of thepublicity committee, Awosika symposim and other various committees in the last tenure, UIMSAites are on tenterhooks to hear what Feranmi has to
bring to the associations; considering that he may have to fight to not walk in the shadows of the former AGS, Miss Aminat Ogunfolu or the General Secretary, if elected.



There has been a lot of clatter over the years of the neglect of members of the Preclinical Schools by the Executive Council. However, over the years, various officers have risen to try and bridge the gap. Notably, the previous officer, Mr. Olorunfemi Olaoluwa decided to take a step further to bridge the gap, cementing the relationship between both schools. In his stead has risen an aspirant to continue his work, Mr. Ikponmwosa Ebengho. Director of the Pendical, a nation-wide blog site for medical students and a serving Senator of the association, Uimsites will be eager to see how this writer turned politician intends to convince the associations of his noble intentions especially for the pre-clinical school.

This is still left open with no uimsite signifying yet to serve in this capacity. We hope before the deadline for form submission, there will be interested aspirants.

Bearing in mind that going unopposed does not guarantee a free-ride to power, as unopposed candidates need to gather two-thirds of the voted to be declared winner, it then lies with the voting power of members of the association.
Who will UIMSITES vote to step into the garb of excellence left by the pacesetter team led by the shrewd Olakorede-Jacob Ojo and continue the brilliant performance?
Come Thursday 30-08-2018, UIMSITES will decide

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