Calling voluntary blood donation important, in a society where lots of blood banks are empty is an understatement. The need for this activity cannot be overstated. The residents of the Alexander Brown Hall as well as the visitors present showed their altruistic side on Saturday, October 27 when they decided to participate actively in a blood donation drive that took place in the hall premises.

     The Hamstrings club UCH; in conjunction with the Nigerian Red Cross UCH Detachment; and the Junior Chamber International UI, organized a two day blood donation drive which took place in the University of Ibadan (UI) and the University College Hospital (UCH) on the day one and day two respectively. This event was a sequel to the successful maiden edition that happened last year.


     The second part in UCH stated some minutes after 10 a.m. and lasted for about six hours. During this period, people came down to the centre in droves to donate blood, contributing to the success of the event. The only stain in the event was the abrupt discontinuation of the donation drive in the evening due to the failure on the part of the blood bank in UCH to supply enough blood donation materials to meet up with the demands of the donors, this caused some prospective donors to leave disappointed .


     The event was indeed a beautiful sight to behold and a spectator commented on it, talking of how it reminded him of the benevolent and altruistic nature of human beings even though we live in a time where so much violence and animosity thrives. It was indeed a beautiful event, and one the residents of the hall look forward to participating in when the opportunity comes along again.

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