– By Joseph Edun, ABH PRESS

The entertainment space in Nigeria has been buzzing for the past few days about the recently released wizkid music video – Fever. The trending video featured Tiwa Savage, the estranged wife of Teebilz, in various “loved up” scenes. The duo have previously been seen on many occasions performing and travelling together, this video just stoked the rumours of a romantic relationship between the two. Tiwa Savage however has denied it on several occasions, claiming that they were just friends.

Despite the massive views on youtube, the video has been faced with backlash from various fans who showed their displeasure at Tiwa Savage for appearing in such positions in the video despite her age and marital status. Other people however rose to her defence with the opinion that she was in charge of her life and that her relationships with different people was her concern and not the public’s.

Tiwa Savage, a mother of one, separated from her husband Tunji Balogun popularly known as Teebilz in 2016 in a dramatic cascade of events including Teebilz attempting suicide and making shocking allegations against Tiwa. They however seem to be getting along with each other.

Just as the then famous Eazy E used to say, “All publicity is good publicity” (except if you kill or molest someone, then that’s just bad publicity).The nature of the video might have been made so in a bid to capitalize on the controversy between the two megastars and boost their profiles in the process. They wanted to get people talking, and people did talk.The video has made a record of over one million views within 20 hours of it release. I have also seen pictures of shirts with the inscription ” Everywhere stewwwww”, it is now a trend. That’s just good business sense if you ask me, but then, what do I know?

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