Nobel Prizes 2019


Annually, the first Monday in October as well as the week that follows is widely remarked to be notorious for its heightened level of anxiety. The Nobel selection committee and Prize awarding institutions combine forces to fulfill the will of Alfred Nobel which prays that “Outstanding contributions for humanity in chemistry, literature, peace, physics. Physiology or medicine, and economic sciences” be awarded.

Starting on October 7th when new Laureates in Physiology or Medicine will be announced, all other field laureates will be announced in daily successions including the recipient for the 2018 Prize in Literature which is yet to be awarded. As it has been the culture for many years, many bookmarkers include paddypower have continued to generate odds for the various prizes.
Greta Theunberg, 16 year old Swedish environmental activist who organized various school strike for climate in previous years is being tipped by bookmarkers globally to win the Nobel Peace Prize. However, seminal discoveries in wnt signaling pathway, the invention of DNA sequencing, and works on optogenetics or neurogenesis have continued to top the predictions for the 2019 Prize in Medicine or Physiology.

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