Hello everyone! For this edition of Brownite of the Month, please meet Miss Chisom Anastasia Nwazuoke; an elite brownite, a renowned public speaker and a blogger. Chisom shares some of her exciting moments with the ABH Press. Enjoy!

Chisom: Hi, my name is Chisom Anastasia Nwazuoke, a 400 level physiotherapy university of Ibadan who hails from Anambra state. I am from a family of 4, 2 boys and 2 girls and I am the last born.

Reporter: So when is your birthday?

Chisom: I was born 29th December.

Reporter: what is your favourite colour, favourite food?

Chisom: Damn, I don’t know, I really like white; I really like black and my favourite food….. I really love spaghetti a lot.

Reporter: What is your greatest fear?

Chisom: I think the fear of failure.

Reporter: So what is your best song of all time?

Chisom: Haa! These questions are hard o. My favourite song of all time…. Wow.

Reporter: Do you want to divide them into genres?

Chisom: yes please, I have different songs that I like. So I really love country music, like I really,  really love country music and my favourite country music would be… any song by Don Williams, then for pop, I will go with any song by Rihanna then for Rap, I will go with Drake then I love passenger too.

Reporter: Alright, interesting. What about your favourite movie?

Chisom: I’m not into movies.

Reporter: Then what do you do?

Chisom: I read.

Reporter: You read? Novels I hope?

Chisom: Yes, I read novels please not school books. I love to read, I rather read a book than watch a movie.

Reporter: Okay, what is your best book then?

Chisom: Aaah, let’s see let’s see, my favourite book should be Palomino by Danielle Steel.

Reporter: Wow, I have not read it. Okay, so why did you choose Physiotherapy. I mean, there is Dentistry, Medicine, BMLS, there are other courses, why physiotherapy?

Chisom: Well there are two answers to that question. The first answer to that question is I don’t know (she laughs), then assuming I know, the second answer is I guess it was my favourite medical profession. I didn’t want to be a doctor; I didn’t what to be a dentist. I fell in love with Physiotherapy then I decided to try it out.

Reporter: Hmmm. How did you fall in love with physiotherapy?

Chisom:  well, I fell in love with physiotherapy after I watched a movie with Queen Latifah in it. I can’t remember what they were doing. So I went and googled it up and I liked it. So that’s it.

Reporter: Oh, okay then. Can you tell the readers what else you are into apart from school? I know you are blogger but what other seas have you braved?

Chisom: first of all and most importantly, I am a public speaker, I speak for ABH L&D and Clinical Science L&D and there is a jaw war coming up as a matter of fact and I am so excited. I am also a writer, I have a blog, prettydifferent.wordpress.com and I also do freelance writing every once in a while for different blogs. Then I am an art enthusiast, which means I am obsessed with anything art, so I am always looking for any opportunity to talk about art, you know do wall art or just encourage artist I see. Then I am also a yoga enthusiast, I love to do yoga, I love to take pictures of me doing yoga and post them on the internet.


Reporter: Are you serious?

Chisom: Oh, you didn’t know?

Reporter: Please continue, enlighten us.

Chisom: (laughs) okay, I also love reading poetry though I don’t write poetry. Then I am also into fitness, general fitness.

Reporter: Wow, so a moment ago you mentioned that you are into public speaking and it’s like the most important. How did that fire start?

Chisom: Well, I have always been shy, like I remember myself being afraid to talk when in I was much younger. There was a time in my life when I used to read a lot and then after reading, I will say what I read out, I will stand in front of the mirror and say it to myself and record myself and I realized I really like the way I sounded so I decided to go into it and I just kind of liked listening to myself so( giggles) when I entered secondary school, I went into L&D and surprisingly  I was really good at it, it was like the thing that I could do best, so I decided to focus on it.

Reporter: Wow, so inspiring. So that is why you went straight to L&D immediately you got admission into the university.

Chisom: Yeah, I didn’t waste any time and I also wanted to become a better person ‘because public speaking also makes you a better person.

Reporter: What about your blog? You mentioned it a while ago?

CHISOM 3Chisom: Yes, I do have a blog, prettydifferent.wordpress.com. It is a self improvement blog. The things I blog about mostly include books, fitness and life. I like to take my life experiences and spin lessons around them, I like to take other people’s experiences and spin lessons around them. Also, I like to blog about Yoga, about the importance of fitness, living a healthy lifestyle then I also love to read books and then review the books so that I can encourage other people to join me to read books. So basically, that is what I blog about.

Reporter: Okay, so when did you start this blog?

Chisom: This year actually, I am barely 7 months into the business.

Reporter: And you already have followers and likes and all?

Chisom: Yes, yes. We thank God.

Reporter: so you said you were an art enthusiast, so why don’t you blog about it?

Chisom: Oh did I forget to mention that? I also do! Actually I started this thing called pottery meets photography which is also art. So I get photographers to take pictures of me or any other person, pictures that are provoking, then I give it to poets to interpret these pictures and then I post it on my blog. I have been doing it for about 2, 3 months now but I stopped because I became very busy for the past 2 months, I plan on picking it up after my exams.

Reporter: Alright, so your blog is still a wordpress. Do you plan on upgrading it?

Chisom: yes, I do. Very soon, as soon as I finish the project I am working on. I will upgrade it.

Reporter: Apart from all these beautiful and exciting hobbies, what else is your secret passion? Something you haven’t delved into, you are just waiting for the right moment.

Chisom: Secret passion!.I do have a lot of secret passion and one of them is dancing. I actually love dancing, I spend most of my data watching dance videos but I don’t think I can dance. I just feel at a point in my life, I am going to be a dancer. It’s just in my head though, I don’t know how it will happen but you know…

(Both laugh)

Reporter: So is there a bae, a boo, a man in your life kind of thing, the sweetheart of your dreams?

Chisom: Do you guys have to ask this question?

Reporter: it’s important actually.

Chisom; I am in a relationship, yes.

Reporter: So, can we know him?

Chisom: No, I would like to keep that private.CHISOM 5

Reporter: Okay, is it that you guys are not open to the world, like it’s still a coded stuff or you just don’t want a lot of people to know?

Chisom: Oh, we are open but I rather not get into it. But I’m in a relationship.

Reporter: Is it that you can’t say anything about him or you can’t just say who he is?

Chisom: I just don’t want to put my business out there.

Reporter; But your Business is already out there, I mean you have a blog and now you are on the ABH press. Obviously you can’t tell us his name, what else can’t you tell us? Or you don’t want us to know anything at all?

Chisom: I do, okay. I have a boyfriend and we’ve been together for a while now, about 8 months. What else do you want to know?

Reporter: is it a serious relationship or you are dating just for the fun of it?

Chisom: No, I don’t do that, it’s a serious relationship.

Reporter: So, what do you like about him?

Chisom: Haaa! Jesus Christ. Okay, what I like about him is, well the most important thing is that he makes me laugh, I can be myself around him, I don’t have to behave a certain way that the world accepts. In short, he is my best friend.

Reporter: okay, that is what attracted you to him?

Chisom: yes.

Reporter: So, is he handsome, tall dark and mysterious?

Chisom: I am not describing him to you! No! You have had enough (laughs). He makes me laugh, he is really funny, he is the life of the party and he is really social. He is kind of my opposite and I think that is what attracted us to each other.

Reporter: so, one final question on the boyfriend issue, so does he have most of the qualities you desire or look out for in a guy?

Chisom: First, I like a guy that is funny, kind. I like someone who is respectful, who respects other human beings and who respect women then I also like a person who is not afraid to say the truth, someone who can correct you when you are wrong, someone who doesn’t pamper you then I like intelligent people, someone you can have an intelligent conversation with. So that is for anything that is not physical. I have listed the attributes.

Reporter: so for the physical, what do you like? Tall or short, fat or slim, bearded or smooth?

Chisom: My God, no, no, no!. He satisfies the physical.

Reporter: Ahhhhh! Alright then, so where do you see yourself in 5 to 10 years time?

Chisom: In 5 years time, I see myself as a successful but still growing or upcoming blogger; I really want to take the blogging carrier seriously. I see myself as a fitness instructor enthusiast then I will also be practicing physiotherapy in 5 years time. But in 10 years time, I may be married, maybe not. I see myself being a successful writer, blogger, public speaker entrepreneur.

Reporter: So you said you may or may not be married in 10 years time, why?

Chisom: Oh, ‘cause you never know.

Reporter: I know you never know, but you said you are in a serious relationship. Okay, does his family know you?

Chisom: No, I am not answering that question (laugh) personally I am okay if I am married by then or not. Most people are actually keen on early marriage but I am not one of them. Different people have different clocks and may not actually be my destiny to marry at an early age and God’s time is the best, so whether 25 or 35 it doesn’t matter to me.

Reporter: beautifully said, so where is your ideal place for a romantic getaway or a vacation?

Chisom: That would be Italy or France, but Italy is top on my list, I will eat spaghetti and olive oil every day take pictures and flood social media with them

Reporter: (laughs) okay then, how many children would you like to have?

Chisom: Minimum of 2, maximum of 5 and mixed sexes.

Reporter: what do most people not know about you?

Chisom: I think most people don’t know that I hate going out, I like staying indoors, reading my novels, listen to music or just do nothing. I don’t like going outside.

Reporter: Is there wrong notion people have about you that you would like to correct?

Chisom: Well a lot of people think I am proud, inapproachable, maybe is the way I keep my face. But it will be nice if people don’t think that way but I can’t really control what goes on in their minds. But if they just don’t make such conclusions anymore, that’ll be lovely.


Reporter: Do you have a quote or a saying that you live by or that inspires you?

Chisom: Well, my favourite quote is by Helen Keller. Helen Keller was a very powerful and beautiful soul, she was the first blind and deaf woman to get a bachelors degree in art, she wrote lots of books and received so many awards and she said:  “Keep your face to the sunshine and you won’t notice the shadow.” So I always try to look to the bright side in every situation.

Reporter: Thank you so much, Miss. Chisom Anastasia Nwazuoke. It was nice chatting with you

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