Exclusive interview with Ige Opeyemi Michael, Social and Buttery Minister aspirant – “The fact that I have worked with a lot of people and I get the job done should put me a step ahead”


ABH Press caught up with Ige Opeyemi Michael, an aspirant for the post of Social and Buttery Minister, and had a little chat with him concerning his political plans.

I: Good afternoon

IOM: Good afternoon. How are you?

I: I am fine. Can you introduce yourself to us?

IOM: I am Ige Opeyemi Michael, a 500 level student of Medicine and Surgery who is vying for the post of Alexander Brown Hall Social and Buttery minister. Thank you

I: Okay. Is there anything more you would love to tell us about yourself?

IOM: Okay. I would like to say that I am a social person, a sportsman, and a man that gets the job done. Thank you.

I: What made you decide to run for this position?

IOM: It all started two years ago when I moved over to ABH, I used to go to the cafeteria a lot to buy food and as someone that enjoys watching football, I used to go to the TV room a lot also. That was when I learnt that there is someone that can be in charge and make everything work perfectly in place. Since then I have been looking up to a post where I can actually make an impact in things that I like doing and make it work better, to the best of my abilities.

I: What advantage do you think you have over your opponents?

IOM: I can’t really call it an advantage because at the end of the day, it is the brownites that will decide; but the fact that I have worked with a lot of people and I get the job done should put me a step ahead.

I: Have you ever swerved this hall in any capacity?

IOM: I have served in various committees – buttery committee, TV room committee. I was also in the sports committee, ABH transport committee and ABH disco night committee. Active participation was something I ensured I was involved in, I did my best.

I: Can you recall any difficult challenge you faced while serving and you overcame it?

IOM: I can’t think of a problem per se, but there were times when I was in the TV room and there were conflicting matches. I had to calm everyone involved down and make them understand that those were all equally important matches, and proceed to share the watching time equally so that everyone can be satisfied.

I: Are there any shortcomings in this current tenure? If yes, how do you plan on fixing them if elected?

IOM: First of all, I would like to appreciate the incumbent social and buttery minister, he has done a great job so far. However, there is underutilization of our resources. I feel the TV room can be used for more activities. You can hear my plans about that in details at the manifesto.

I: What is your view on the male to female proportion of the TV room usage?

IOM: I’ll start by saying this from a point where people can understand. The males tend to watch football, the females that watch football join the males in doing so but majorly it’s the football matches that are always up. The males use the TV room a lot more.

I: Yeah, that’s crystal clear but, what is your take on that?

IOM: I feel it should be more balanced. The females should have more access to the TV room.

I: How would you go about ensuring that?

IOM: By making sure that I work with the female affairs minister and then putting things in place to entice and draw more attention to the females towards the TV room. I’ll talk more about this during the manifesto.

I: Can you mention one thing you would change in the cafeteria, if given the chance?

IOM: I would make sure the customer service brownites and other people receive from the attendants is fast, effective and reliable

I: How did your nickname originate?

IOM: The nickname “Legend” originated in my secondary school days. I used to go for competitions and I was also quite social and active in sports, so my junior colleagues started with the “Legend Baba” phrase. When I visit the school, I still get that warm approach from those present that still remember me. So, it stuck and went to my social media accounts.

I: Okay. Thank you very much for honouring our request to grant this interview. That’ll be all for now.

IOM: Thank you.

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