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 This is the point where our elders would say, “the bird no longer cries like a bird; the rat no longer squeaks like a rat.” Things have not been the same since the Hall welcomed us back in its thorny embrace. These days, you have to say hello to people you would usually just walk past since you guys vibed on the now-banned Twitter. But that is not the most notable change.

Brownites, how have you been eating? Yes, we must talk about this. At my own end, I have opted for food rationing like there is a food crisis. Unfortunately, this is actually a food crisis! As a matter of urgency, something needs to be done to improve the situation. Many of us might end up running back to our parents’ houses. This cannot be the resumption we were looking forward to.

Interestingly, like plaster over a Buruli ulcer, there was a meeting to review the prices of food items within the Hall. As we reported and as already effected, the cost of jollof rice, for example, was reduced by a whopping sum of 20 naira. This brings the price to 80 naira per spoon. That’s 100 percent higher than the price before COVID-19 struck. This is somewhat similar to the trend of prices, looking from a national perspective.

Source: Nairametrics

Last week, the Students’ Union settled for something way affordable than the bargain certain “stakeholders” could get for Brownites. Of course, there are some arguments for and against these discrepancies, but is it time to ask if we are part of this Union?

While trying to avoid veering into economics and national security, we immensely feel the brunt. Prices of other things within the Hall have also increased. At this point, only the rich can afford three square meals. You might not be aware that even the Famewo Common Room now costs 1,500 naira per hour and 2,500 naira for two hours.

In a similar trend of increasing cost of living, I digress a little. In the magnitude of the magnanimity of the school management, the portal for fee payment has now been reopened. This gracious gesture comes as some people could not meet up with the (extended) deadline for fees and professional levy payment.

While it is almost certain most of these people did not pay because they could not afford it, the relevant authorities have opted to offer some “grace.” However, this grace will cost 10,000 naira. So, yes, it is true that these students could not afford the fees at the beginning. It is also true that the school is being nice to provide an extension. It is nothing but fascinating that this would cost these (already financially disadvantaged) students 10,000 naira.

Well done, sapa. Grace, but make it 10k?

Finally, the volley court impatiently craves the touch of a volleyball and the shuffling feet of its players. The ABH football field has grass growing on it! Even the shabby basketball rim and snooker pockets miss taking in some balls. Euros 2020 is almost over, and the TV room has not roared with “goooaaallllll.” As weirdly as it seems, the fact that Wura still watches Zee World is one of the biggest consolations and a reminder that this is still ABH. Frankly, this is not the ABH we left. Even G block now looks like a decent block. 


  1. Oluwasijibomi Eniola Oyefabi says

    I smiled reading all through

  2. Prinny says

    Thank God someone is talking of this 80 naira per spoon wahala. Even the swallow in UI is a lot bigger than ABH‘s for the same price. Like my sister in Power once exclaimed “there is God oooooo!!!!!!!!”

  3. Peacy says

    Nice one Titus. Wura’s part tho?

  4. Ab says

    Wura has changed too, its African magic yoruba not see world

  5. Ab says

    Wura has changed too, its African magic yoruba not zee world

  6. Emma Olad says

    Lol, it’s the last line for me.
    Well-done ABH press Team.

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