Daisy Katey



My name is Daisy Katey,

They say I’m a lady

And my steppings have to be steady

And my clothings have to be lacy,


One day I’d make a baby.

I watched my brothers bother about lovers,

Watched them play, breakaway and castaway fragile hearts,

Observed as they played hide and seek,

Sneak and peek at weak chics.

All these I found unique

And wanted to be a part of;

So to speak.

But society said;

Lay the bedspread,

Make the French bread,

Trim the rose bed,

Be the red head,

Wed the next nerd,

Clean the homestead,

Keep the marriage bed

Make the baby’s bed

Like a slave;

I’m meant to shave my legs

And fry the eggs,

Get a lesser pay

Or stay home all day,

And wear a lingerie

To please my nerdy husband.

My name is Daisy Katey,

I’m a lady

Not a slave.


Courtesy of Quills Club

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