After what seemed to be a long, unending silence; the University of Ibadan Medical Students’ Association has finally decided to release the details for her annual dinner event as well as commence sales of ticket.

Set to hold at the Apex Event Centre, on August 11, the tickets have been pegged at N2500 a piece. Even more exciting, are the freebie masks for the first 50 persons to purchase their tickets for the event. With a rather bold theme as that of the 1920 “Great Gatsby’s theme” adding a twist with the introduction of the masks, UIMSA is certainly taking the bull both by the horn and tail.

Following the incredible success of the movie: The Great Gatsby, little wonder UIMSA’s determination to pull off an amazing theme as this. The Great Gatsby theme is popular for not the glittering gowns and head-feathers; with matching white pearls, but also for the intricate decor and choice of flowers. This will certainly put any decorator to the test, but definitely a great choice for a dinner-theme.While I advise whoever is the decorator to take some time out to watch the movie, but then tight budgets can be a huge problem! But what is a Gatsby dinner without large feather accents, Floral arrangements preferably in a unified hue (say white!), Strings of pearls and crystal (glass) hung from the ceiling, off railings, from trees, on the backs of chairs (anywhere, really).


Then the Entertainment though! The most important thing to have at your Great Gatsby themed party is good music that people can move to. Make sure your guests can shake their thing on the dance floor. Fire breathers, acrobats, aerial gymnasts, and contortionists to add an extra element of surprise and fun to your party (Haha! if UIMSA has some millions of naira to spare). Canapes and little bites with champagne would be perfect! UIMSA will have to maneuver her menu to suit the Nigerian version of Great Gatsby.

There is no Gatsby without the right dress. UIMSA will need a massive publicity for the clothing style, which brings the question: Why wait so long to announce their theme? It would have been so much better to have people plan ahead of time to get their dresses. Delicately beaded with soft silhouettes and elegant drop-waists, 1920’s fashion is sure stylish to rock. Think Daisy Buchanan! The girls are the ones with a lot of work to rep the theme well. A nice tux for the male with a matching bowlers hat, and a bow-tie is just right! You can add a fancy walking stick as an accessory, if you want to add a bit of style.


Its all about the glitz! I’m really looking forward to the 12’0 clock white balloon release that is common with gatsby themes. Apex Events Centre should be a good place with both indoor and outdoor space for the guests. Gatsby is all about freedom, with noone or place cramming your style!

Although the tickets really did not come out strong as Gatsby, with the famous golden geometric lines and curves; one cannot ignore the strong gold accent with the models in an appealing pose with the mask, which literally beckons on one to buy. . .would have been nice, if the tickets were screaming GATSBY!


Coming out strong with an ivory and black theme and the addition of the masquerades, UIMSA is indeed on the right track to a night of glitz and shimmering.

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