A Brownite that seems not to know about the security challenges faced by Alexander Brown Hall in these recent times would be termed by some as ‘one living under the rock’. In light of this, the ABH press had an exclusive interview with the Defense Minister, Mr. Joshua Igwilo.

ABH Press: Good evening Mr. Igwilo, I am from ABH press. Please introduce yourself.

Mr. Igwilo: Good evening, I am Igwilo Joshua, a 600l student of Medicine and Surgery and the Defense minister of ABH.

ABH Press: This interview is to shed more light on the recent happenings within the hall. There have been more reported cases of theft and more BCs seem to be going out as regards security consciousness. Would you help us clarify why this is so?

Mr. Igwilo: These are two different issues. The increase in the amount of BC’s going out is because it is a new tenure with a new defense minister and his tactics are different from that of the old one. I love proactiveness and would like Brownites to be more on their toes so I tend to use BCs to achieve that. The awareness, through the use of BCs, is to prevent more incidences of theft. Although in the past few weeks, I would say yes, there have been more incidences of theft.

ABH Press: Although these incidences of theft did not happen during your tenure, what do you think could have been the reason for the increase?

Mr. Igwilo: To be honest, one can mention a lot of reasons. One of the reasons one can say is the fact that we don’t have enough security men. We used to have fifteen but now we have 7. Another reason could be the fact that there was a recent influx of 2k21 students making it difficult to identify them. It’s difficult to tell them apart from non-brownites. And I would not want to restrict people’s movement by enforcing the rule of always carrying your ID cards. I think it is a constellation of many factors and those factors are things we can tackle.

ABH Press: Seeing as you just said these are factors we can tackle, what plans have you put in place to tackle them?

Mr. Igwilo: If you’ve been a late sleeper, you would notice that there have been patrols every night which I have been doing with my team. We go across every floor and if we notice that your key is at the door, we knock and tell you to bring it in. It is very difficult for someone to have the mind to break the door into your room at night due to the closeness of the blocks. It is easy to hear any loud noise. The way they are able to steal is because the keys are left on the door outside making it easy for them to just walk in and carry belongings. I think my two plans would be to increase the security consciousness of Brownites by sending out more BCs and doing more patrols.

ABH Press: The Brownite that complained recently however said the thieves broke her lock to enter the room

Mr. Igwilo: Yes, that was around 8:30 pm and none of the occupants were around. what I intend to do is to start patrols very early because getting new security men would not be easy as I have to write to UI and UI is on strike. The best thing I can do is to recruit students that I trust to do the patrols and I already have boys that are willing. One of the things that have been hindering the patrol is the lack of identification for my patrol team. I intend to get them beeps, whistles and torchlight. I can’t do that now because my budget is yet to be approved. So I think starting the patrol early would help. I also think Brownites need to be security conscious as this would be very helpful.

ABH Press: A Brownite talked about how she was scared when she heard someone open her door net and walk away. What would you like to say about this as it seemed to have been your team doing a patrol?

Mr. Igwilo: I know the means I’m taking would disturb people but if she feels someone is at her net, she should take a torch and check through her window. It is something I have to do except Brownites don’t want me to do it. But if I don’t do it, the theft case would keep on increasing. I feel it’s a measure because I need to check if the doors are locked. A lot of people leave their doors unlocked, and that is why phones are being stolen.

ABH Press: Since you started your patrols, have you noticed a reduction in the number of doors being left unlocked?

Mr. Igwilo: To be honest, up till now, I’ve not noticed a change. People still leave their keys outside their doors. However, I believe with time, it would take effect.

ABH Press: A thief was said to have been caught this morning, what do you have to say regarding what happened this morning?

Mr. Igwilo: The thief was sighted around 5:30 am on the staircase of D block by a Brownite. I would still like to emphasize that Brownites be more security conscious.

ABH Press: What methods were used to interrogate the thief?

Mr. Igwilo: A peaceful question and answer interrogation.

ABH Press: While some people are saying the beating was well deserved, others are saying ‘jungle justice’ in any form should not be tolerated. What do you have to say regarding this?

Mr. Igwilo: I would reserve my comments.

ABH Press: I know you said a lot, but what parting words would you like to give brownites?

Mr. Igwilo: Lock your doors, and don’t keep your keys outside. I feel all that is happening is controllable. It has not gotten to a state of emergency yet. Brownites just need to be more security conscious.

ABH Press: Thank you very much for your time.

Mr. Igwilo: Thank you.



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