“Brownites are entitled to a full spoon size,” says ABH Social and Buttery Minister


ABH, IBADAN – Recently, residents of the Alexander Brown Hall, University College Hospital, have expressed their utter displeasure at the lacklustre and indecorous attitude of the food vendors in the Hall’s cafeteria, especially the Prestige cafeteria. Having complained bitterly, at the gross disproportion of servitude towards Brownites and non-brownites, tilting the scale favourably towards the later, many have resulted to the comfort of their homemade meals no matter how laborious the process may be.

It is not uncommon and highly egregious to say the least, to find Brownites queuing for what seems to be an “eternal delay“, first to buy the now “exorbitant attention” of the servers, before proceeding to buy a meal, which will be generously miniaturized much to the displeasure of the buyer; especially when it comes to the sale of “dry beans” or “Spaghetti”. And yet, despite the discontent of the buyer’s raging stomach to the sheer discrepancy in the meal-price ratio, he or she will still have to endure the reckless and thoughtless torture of some of the servers with their reprehensible attitude and sheer lack of professional enthusiasm especially when it comes to giving “change”, either monetary or “paper-y”.

This further provoked Brownites to inquire into the reason behind these discrepancy and seeming favouritism in service to outsiders of the hall. Could it be due to the N10.00 or N20.00 difference in prices between outsiders and Brownites, or just a sheer display of disrespect to the rules and regulation governing sales and services in the Hall?

In response to the public outcry, the Social and Buttery Minister, Mr. Tobi Tunde-Alao, responded aptly to the situation further re-iterating that, “…every brownite is entitled to a full spoon size. There is no difference between brownites and non brownites spoon size.” He went on to urge members of the hall not to hesitate to call the attention of the servers to this fact.

In a brief interview with the ABH Press, he went further to put in the picture, the recent challenges being faced by the cafeteria (Prestige), stating that some of the workers resigned during the two-months strike that the Hall experienced recently, hence the search for new workers was actively on-going; with the owners pleading with members of the hall to exercise a little patience for them to sort out their internal restructuring. However, he informed the press that he had warned them sternly to ensure that despite the number of servers per shift, more should be shifted towards Brownites than Non-Brownites.

On the issue of resuming work, Mr. Tunde-Alao apprised the press of the resumption time of both cafeterias which will now be between 7:00 and 7:30 a.m to enable those who may have early classes and ward activities to have their breakfasts before leaving, effective from today.

When asked about the situation with Ofada, who has continually remained persistently redundant in the quality of their meals and services, he stated, “…Brownites didn’t vote. We got roughly 100 responses and we needed like 300. We sent the broadcast message out many times, but the responses we have so far.. 67 percent want Ofada to go, but we need number. 100 votes can’t hold water”


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