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On Saturday June 23, Brownites in 500level Medical and Dental students and 400level students of Medical Laboratory Science and Physiotherapy had to ballot for bed space in the great hall. Honourables of the House Assembly and Executives in the above named classes were not allowed to ballot ‘cause they had already been given a bed space. Though it rained throughout the process, the struggle was real as no one wanted to take the chance of hustling to buy a room with accommodation fee as dangling at N40,000.

The odds were clearly in favour of the boys as second floor of D-block which was originally a female floor has now been converted male floor, this fact left a lot of girls in the lurch as many of them picked a disappointing “NO”, much to their displeasure.

With a lot of girls desolate and nine floors left without Floor Representatives who will serve as Honourables at the House Assembly to represent the interest and welfare of the floor members, the ABH bye-elections have never been hotter.

Broadcast messages flew out before midnight on Saturday from multiple and desperate aspirants, battling for a free bed-space and a slot as an honourable of the Hall Assembly, by virtue of winning the position of “Floor Representative”.

Come Friday, June 29 8:00pm, the bye-elections begins and all the aspirants can only hope that this time… the odds will be in their favour.

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