Brownites over time have consistently complained and endured the exorbitant charges of the hall’s “fashion designer”. Delta Tailor has given Brownites the need to distinguish between a “tailor” and a “fashion designer”. In an interview with one, he lamented “Delta tailor is a fashion designer. The prices are just too ridiculous. We need a tailor! A tailor to do basic things as stitching and adjusting”.

In times past, there usually was a (hausa) man who would come around during weekends with his sewing machine and go round all floors to help with petty stitches. This largely took away the need for complaints until he disappeared again and Brownites were returned to “square one”.

The hall chairman has however promised to see the hall supervisor on it and find a way to get a new tailor to serve Brownites. He said, ” It is true that Delta Tailor charges really high. There was a guy who told me he had started sewing in G block but I have not heard about him again. I’ll discuss with the hall supervisor so we can find a way of getting a new tailor”.

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