Awéléwà 4


Oh bitter!
Black clouds know
the pain of holding water
Reddened eyes know
the pain of drained water.

When the silence speaks
And the feet are swift
Believe me,
Awéléwà is gone.

When the lights are out
And darkness governs
Believe me,
Awéléwà is gone.

Our hope gasps
The seventh day slides out
In just few hours
The village will mourn.

The ground is dug
Waiting expectantly
White linen whispers
“We are going down today.”

In between shadow and soul,
The plaintive melody repeat of
Mystery and misery,
Filled the life with uncertainty.
Some call it fate!
Some call it destiny!

When night falls
Flower wilts and
Beetle cries…
But tonight,
Flowers will wilt
Beetles won’t cry.

The midnight cries
Trees bend in sorrow
The breeze feels cold
A beautiful dirge flows
Oh, what a dark night!

To hell with death
If I lay my hands on him
You fell for his sweet words
To take you to a land
Where its nights never end

Slowly, calmly
You fade into the peaceful night
The hour is here
But I came here earlier
Not with the salty tears from my eyes
But now, with the water from the river.

Read: Awéléwà wasted away as the seventh day approached. The seventh day is the last day, the midnight of which she will die. No hope. All the strong men died. And, no one dared stepping forward again. Everyone just waited, and counted down to her death. The hour came. But I, the hunter, was there at the same hour. Not with tears as always, but with the water from the forbidden forest…. How did I get the water? Was the water real? Was it too late? Did she live?

To be continued…

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