Follow the Example of ‘Incredible’ Raheem Sterling — Frank Lampard to Hudson-Odoi


Frank Lampard says Callum Hudson-Odoi can be the ‘absolute best’ if he listens to some home truths – and follows the example set by Raheem Sterling. Hudson-Odoi scored on his first start since April after a successful recovery from a gruesome achilles injury in Wednesday’s 7-1 League Cup mauling of Grimsby. Yet the Chelsea boss gave the 18-year-old winger, who signed a bumper five-year deal earlier this month, a half-time scolding after he ignored instructions to get behind Grimsby’s defence.
‘I know Callum’s talent,’ the Chelsea boss said. ‘He’s got a huge talent, hence why the club were so keen to get him signed up. We are all delighted as a club. But there is a lot of work for Callum to do. Lots of work.’
‘And I think you can look around at some fantastic examples. I don’t like to talk about other club’s players, but Raheem Sterling is an incredible example of a player with great talent whose work ethic added to that talent and improvement in a short period of time through absolute dedication and complete player that we are all wowed by. He is a great model for Callum because he has those talents.
‘And I want him to be the best – the absolute best – because he has the potential to do that. 
‘Some of that is from hard truths. And I saw some hard truths at the game the other day and ways that he can improve. He needs to listen, and he will, and then he can be that player for us which is great news for everybody.’ 
Hudson-Odoi was one of six teenage players who finished the game against Grimsby and Lampard is enjoying nurturing the different talents of the club’s next generation.

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