As elections are approaching, ABH Press met with the Deputy Hall Chairperson Aspirant to help brownites know the aspirant better.

Pressman: Good afternoon. Please can you introduce yourself to Brownites?

Miss Sobogun: Good afternoon, my name is Sobogun Ayomide. I am a 600 level medicine and surgery student. I’m running for the post of Deputy Hall Chairperson.

Pressman: Alright. Do you have any hobbies?

Miss Sobogun: Yes, I do. I enjoy cooking, dancing, swimming , reading etc.

Pressman: Interesting. So what inspired you to run for this post? Why are you vying for the post?

Miss Sobogun: Thank you very much for the question. I have always wanted to run for the position ever since I became a Brownite and got to know about the office; partly because I always like leaving a mark wherever I find myself. And I think this is the best time for me to run because I have gathered experiences working in different capacities in different committees over the years. I believe I can now bring these experiences to the hall during this tenure if I’m elected and leave a good mark.

Pressman: Hmm nice. Can you list some of these committees?

Miss Sobogun: Thank you. In ABH, I was in the ABH cultural night committee during Dr Akinola Onaopemipo’s tenure; the then deputy hall chairperson. Although the cultural night couldn’t eventually hold because of the covid-19 pandemic. I was in Ladies’ night committee during the same tenure and it was a success, I was in ABH Fit committee also. Outside ABH, I’ve been a member of UIMSA Dinner committee since 2016/2017 academic session consecutively up to this just concluded tenure. I was the co-head of the dinner committee in this last tenure and everything has been successful. I’ve been in the UIMSA  Congress welfare committee. I have been a member of my class’ welfare committee from 2017 till date. I’m also a member of the Hamstrings club where I’ve worked in the social committee. These are some of the committees I’ve been a part of.

Pressman: Alright. You mentioned that you love leaving a mark behind. If elected, what’s the unique thing you’re planning for brownites? What should they watch out for?

Miss Sobogun: I believe the best way to leave a mark is to be excellent, to do whatever I set out of do excellently. And that is what I aim to do. My primary duty as the deputy hall chairperson, asides assisting the hall chairman in whatever capacity us required, is to head the planning and execution of activities of the hall week. So, naturally, a lot of my focus has gone into that. I can’t say exactly what I have planned right now because there’s still a lot of logistics to be sorted, amongst other things. But I can confidently say you are in for a truly memorable experience. You’ll have a bit more of the details on the manifesto night.

Pressman: That’s nice. I’m sure everyone is looking forward to the manifesto night. As an aspirant, did you notice any problems in the last tenure that you would like to change?

Miss Sobogun: Thank you. One of the things I noticed was that communication between the Hall executives and Brownites wasn’t as great as it should have been, which made some Brownites feel excluded from some of the decision making processes, or activities of the Hall. In my tenure, with my team, I plan to make Brownites know that we value them and also feel included and this will be done through effective communication. I plan to always push for this in meetings of the executive council. I would be willing to collaborate with the information ministry to make sure Brownites are well informed and feel included.

As regards the office of the deputy hall chairperson, one of the problems I observed was that the planning for the hallweek was started rather late, which posed a challenge for raising funds. I know that fundraising is always a challenge that is why I would push for planning to start early so we can start fundraising as early as possible.

Pressman: That’s impressive. We’ll see. You don’t have any opponent yet. Has this made you comfortable or relaxed in any way?

Miss Sobogun: Thank you. No, it hasn’t. My preparations and campaign have been as though I have an opponent. And I know that it’s still few days till the purchase of forms close, and anyone can still pick up a form, so I’m not relaxed. I still have more campaign strategies to put out even as I’m talking to you now. Also, I realise that even if I end up unopposed, I need to prepare myself for the responsibility. I intend to deliver on my campaign promises to the best of my ability. And that requires learning, planning and preparation.

Pressman: That’s great to hear. Is there any closing remark you’d like to give to brownites?

Miss Sobogun: Thank you. I would like to encourage every Brownite to register and vote because their votes count.

Pressman: Alright. That’ll be all for now. Thank you for your time

Miss Sobogun: Thank you too.


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