ABH DECIDES ’22: Exclusive interview with the aspirant for Hall Secretary, Zaynab Akinteye


In anticipation of the upcoming election, ABH Press had an exclusive interview with the aspirant for the post of Hall Secretary.

Press person: Hello, good day, I am a representative of the ABH press. Please kindly introduce yourself

Akinteye Zaynab: I am Akinteye Zainab Omolara. A 500 level student of Physiotherapy. I’m an aspirant for the post of the Hall Secretary of Alexander Brown Hall

Press person: What prompted you to go for this position?

Akinteye Zaynab: I Have served in various associations as the General Secretary and I have gathered experiences from these various positions which I believe makes me the best person for the position and I can work perfectly in that capacity.

Press person: What positions do you hold and in what capacity have you served ABH?

Akinteye Zaynab: Currently I do not hold any position in ABH. However, I have served in various committees in ABH which include;
Member, Prof Akinkugbe symposium committee (2019/2020 tenure)
Member, Social Committee (2019/2020 tenure)
Secretary, ABH Academic Committee (2021/2022 tenure)
Secretary, Prof B.L. Salako Quiz Planning Committee (2021/2022 tenure)

Press person: What are your plans if elected as Hall Secretary?

Akinteye Zaynab: The work of the Hall Secretary is mostly an inside job in the terms that I work hand-in-hand with the executive council to get their messages across to the proper channel through correspondence and documentation.
Some of my plans include;
Sustainability: I plan to revive the Finalist’s Forum program (which has not been held for a while) through proper planning and execution.
Complaint and Suggestions: I plan to improve the complaints and suggestions by sending out a google form at the beginning of each month and have Brownites fill out the form and at the end of each month, the complaints will be addressed.
Also the problem of participation among Brownites during the B.L. Salako Quiz Competition. And having consulted with the current Hall Secretary, the most important thing I wish to do is find a way to make Brownites more participatory and get involved in these activities.

Press person: Do you plan on continuing with what the previous Hall Secretary started; if not what do you plan on doing different?

Akinteye Zaynab: Yes I plan to continue with it. I also plan to organize a capacity building program where Brownites can learn how to write a proposal, grant writing and the basics of pitching.

Press person: What are your plans for improving the academics of Brownites as that is part of your constitutional duties?

Akinteye Zaynab: The Current Hall Secretary worked on getting question banks from all departments in ABH. Some departments have and for some; it is still in process. I plan to finish this up by getting the question banks and making them readily available for Brownites to access when they have tests or exams or need the questions to conduct mock exams for themselves.
I also plan to create ABH Quiz club where interested brilliant minds would be recruited to form the quiz team of the hall. This team will be accessible to Brownites and can render their help when necessary.

Press person: During the last Professor B. L. Salako Inter-Block Quiz Competition I noticed that few female blocks participated, what plan do you have in place to avoid this in your tenure?

Akinteye Zaynab: I believe the best thing that I can do is to increase publicity and encourage everyone to participate and through the help of the Quiz team, interested Brownites can also be trained in advance for the Quiz

Press person: The previous Hall secretary said he had an online Complaints and Suggestions platform for brownites. Do you plan on continuing with this. How do you plan on getting feedback from Brownites?

Akinteye Zaynab: Yes I plan to continue with this. Like I said before, I will create a google form at the beginning of each month and it will be available until a day to the end of that month. This form will be sent to various classes daily. By working hand-in-hand with the members of the executive council, I believe that Brownites will be more interested in giving their feedback when they see that they have influential leaders who are ready to listen and work on matters concerning them. This will prompt them to make their complaints and suggestions knowing fully well that they will be addressed.

Press person: Do you have parting words?

Akinteye Zaynab: Not at all

Press person: Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions

Akinteye Zaynab: Thank you for having me

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