ABH DECIDES 2019: Former Editor-in-Chief runs for Hall Secretary, Hon. Akinwumi declares intentions for Deputy Hall Chairman.


By Chinedu Nwaduru, ABH PRESS

While the hall awaits the release of the official calendar for the 2019 ABH Electoral process – the plot continues to thicken as more interested Brownites are furiously gathering momentum to serve the hall in the coming year

Former Pressman and Editor-In-Chief of the UIMSA Clinical Press, Mr. Onyedika Chukwuelobe – a 500 level medical student has openly declared his intentions to run for the office of the Hall Secretary. Gathering experience from relevant committees of the hall including Finance and Female Affairs Committees, Mr Chukwuelobe has embraced the knowledge gathered from previous working experiences – stating that “one can learn from both sides without any discrimination or strings

Mr. Onyedika Chukwuelobe at the 2018 ABH Dinner

Also, Honourable Moyinoluwa Akinwumi of the ABH House of Representatives and a 500 level Medical student in the late hours of yesterday, declared her intention to run for the office of the Vice Hall Chairman alongside Miss Akinola and Miss Osoeze.

Aspirants for the office of the Vice Hall Chairman: L-R Oritsema Akinola, Upper Right-Moyinoluwa Akinwumi, Lower Right- Ugo Osoeze

“A healthy competition is good at this point,” Hon. Akinwumi opined in passing.

The 2019 elections has the features of what may yet seem as the most competitive election since the chronology of the hall can recall. Many Brownites have stayed their hands in announcing or showing solidarity to their preferred candidate.

Former Information Minister of the ABH, Mr Edwin Cole has clearly thrown his weight behind Mr. Folajomi Isah via his WhatsApp status, marking the candidate with the emoji “green tick” which may yet signify endorsement, same as for Miss Chisom Anastasia for Female Affairs Minister and Miss Oritsema Akinola for Vice Hall Chair with a remarkable five ticks

Meanwhile, nothing yet from the A-team members on who to support. Perhaps, a good way to evade the political radar may be to maintain an air of neutrality on the part of the executives, or so we think.

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