Setting Fire to the Rain; Brownites bewildered as aspirants scramble for a spot in the 2019 ABH Elections


By Chinedu Nwaduru, ABH PRESS

Nobody enjoys a boring election; and by “boring” , one may refer to the seemingly cultural “one aspirant-one office” elections that many of the departments and student associations on this side of the campus have come to experience in times past.

After witnessing a similar repeat at the just-concluded elections of the University of Ibadan Medical Students Association (UIMSA) as well as the Department of Biomedical Laboratory Sciences – everyone just assumed that a similar occurrence would happen when the ban was lifted for the Alexander Brown Hall elections.

But alas, we have been astonished even up to this very point!

Officially lifting up the ban for the 2019 Elections, after her legislative sitting on Friday, May 10; Speaker of the ABH House of Representatives, Honourable Tosin Oso officially declared the electoral process open for aspirants to contest for.

And in what seemed like a cataclysmic event, they all erupted!

Immediately transcending to beat his limitations of any opposing aspirant, Hon. Folajomi Isah- a 500 level medical student and Representative of the E block constituency declared his intention to run for the office of the Hall Chairman; but was immediately parried by Mr. Silas Okafor, also a 500 level medical student who equally declared his intentions to run for the office, after his selfless service to the hall as the Information Minister.

Coming out with the aim to ignite passion in the hall, Brownites were greeted by Miss Oritsemaroundede Onaopemipo Akinola, also a 500 level medical student with the intent to occupy the office of the Vice Hall Chairman. Little did we know that Miss Ugochukwu Osoeze , a 400 level Physiotherapy student also nursed the ambition – and has declared her intention to serve the hall as the Vice Hall Chairman.

[wpvideo lnhgWcTc ]

And in a twinkle of an eye – seizing the element of surprise as a weapon, Miss Chisom Anastasia Nwaezuoke, a 400 level physiotherapy student, in a bid to make a difference under the inspiration of Mother Theresa decided to cast her stone into the riveting waters of ABH politics and made her rippled intention to run for the office of the Female Affairs Minister. But Miss Mobosolaoluwa Ajani thought it wise to balance the scales of the competition by equally declaring her intention to occupy the same office in a bid to create more balanced women for the hall.

Slabbing the butter on the seemingly well-baked political bread – Brownites were greeted with 3 aspirants all from the 500 level medical class for the office of the Social and Buttery Minister – A true baker must use his hands well if he hopes to make quality bread, or at least we hope so – as is the case of Mr. Akamelu Onyeka (aka Handmade) flying under the banner of Quality Service. Hoping to unite ABH into one gregarious unit – with lots of lemonades and cookies hopefully; we see Mr. Opeyemi Olanrewaju (aka Lemonade) raising his banner and intentions for all to see. Basking in his legendary assertion to make best years in ABH better, Mr. Opeyemi Ige has equally manned up to the challenge; making the office of the social and buttery minister – the most contensted so far, one that has not been witnessed by the hall in the past 6 years as far the oracles can recall.

[wpvideo g07rjbYt ]

Just when we thought it over – Two aspirants from the 400 Medical class scamper across the hall in a bid to win the vote of the electorate for the office of the Information Minister with Mr Samuel Olateju displaying unlimited readiness to inform and serve the hall – both in dressings and poster; and Mr Omitoyin Oluwaferanmi in a crossed-arm position of confidence to lead the office with the aim to unite the hall into an info-nation with one voice.

When it comes to sports – everyone in ABH is not oblivious to the compelling voices or the puissant characters of Mr. Ogunjimi Oladapo, a 500level dental student and Mr. Paul Edet, a 500 level medical student – who both have taken it upon themselves to guide the sport ministry this year. With Oladapo taking the stance of a “sweetheart” has decided to play the role of a “bambino” to appeal to the emotions of the electorate – with Mr. Edet equally setting his intentions to occupy the office of the Sports Minister.

Although rumour has it that Mr. Ademola Akintola, a 500 level dental student is in the works to aspire for the office of the Health and Sanitation Minister, the Hall has only seen the cheerful face of Mr. Olugbile Dolapo, riding on the mantra of Mahatma Ghandi to lose himself in the service to the hall – with a dream to inspire a sense of well-being for all Brownites.

So far, only one candidate has declared his intention for the office of Financial Minister – Mr. Ayodele Odedara, with the aim to resuscitate and rejuvenate the comatose finances of the hall; and Mr Obinwanne Enemuo – pledging sinews and muscles to the security of the hall through the office of the Defence Minister.

Yet, the office of the Hall Secretary stands vacant till date.

Seating at the helm of electoral affairs this year, the Chairman of the ABHEC, Mr. Joshua Osunsanya has said that the elections are scheduled to hold in two weeks – with a release of the electoral calendar in the coming days.

Taking a glance at the social media of Brownites in the past two days, one can palpate the rising excitement and tension – as eager Brownites await to hear the plans and goals of these aspirants at the press night and manifesto to decide who should lead them the coming administrative year.

“It’s not everyday to see exciting politics like this. I mean, many of these aspirants are qualified and experienced in these offices – so it’s going to be pretty hard deciding who to vote,” a Brownite opined.

Well Brownites, there you have it! Grab a popcorn, get a chilled beer and relax as we watch events unfold

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