“Brownites would want the best person for the job. If that is so, I believe I should win the election,” says Samuel Olateju, aspirant for office of Information Minister


Interviewer: Can you introduce yourself briefly?

Samuel: Good day, I am Olateju Samuel, a 400 level medical student of the University of Ibadan. A friendly and relatable person who is dedicated to the service of others.

Interviewer: When did you declare your intention for the post of the information minister?

Samuel: Well, it has been a very long time that I had the intention and that has made me work towards it and focus; I planned towards it, it is not like I came out of nowhere.

Interviewer: Why the information ministry out of all other posts?

Samuel: Thank you very much. As I said earlier, I am a very relatable and friendly person who is dedicated to the service of others. I believe an information minister is someone who should be relatable, easily accessible, approachable and friendly and more particularly someone who is dedicated to the service of others. That is why I believe I am good in that capacity. That is why I choose the information ministry among many other positions.

Interviewer: Now that you have declared for the position, what should we(Brownites) be expecting from you?

Samuel: The first thing you should expect from me is proper dissemination of information.

Interviewer: Is that all we should expect from you?

Samuel: The second thing is to serve Brownites. Just for the service of others and I am quite dedicated to this duty. Also, to make sure that Brownites are satisfied with dissemination of information; on social media, through the PA system. Just meeting the needs of Brownites. Having served in the information ministry, I realise that the major needs of Brownites is the COMUI issue. I would make sure that Brownites are satisfied with this service. I would make sure that pins are available at all times and the time frame would be extended and many other plans which will not be revealed now until press night and manifesto. More importantly, I would make sure Brownites are entertained.

Interviewer: You talked about your experience in the ministry? Do you have experience in other sectors?

Samuel: Well, not only in the information ministry. I have worked in different committees in ABH. Just to mention a few, variety night committee, CHAP, publicity committee. I have worked in committees during the past hall week. Outside ABH, I have worked in different organisations like DOKITA, publicity committee of OSUNMSA and many other organisations.

Interviewer: This means you have worked in various dimensions. So what are the challenges you are expecting to face if you are elected?

Samuel: Okay, so one of the challenges I envisaged is that you know I will be working with various people. Well, it won’t really be that much of a challenge because I will be working towards it. I will solve this challenge before I get there because I am friendly with other people. So I don’t think I will face any challenge.

Interviewer: In a few sentences, can you critic the last administration of the information ministry?

Samuel: The information in the last ministry, well to me, particularly working with the last administration. I would say everything went really well. Well, maybe not totally well but then it was fair because many people won’t know what they face in the information ministry but I would say the last administration was really okay though we can improve on it. That is why I have come.

Interviewer: I would be asking about specific issues regarding Brownites.

Samuel: Okay

Interviewer: What do you plan to do about the public address system which we all know is bad.

Samuel: As you have had the public address system is no longer working. What I will do if I am elected is a complete overhaul of the PA system. What I would do majorly is fund raising for a new system. This is because of the importance of the PA system especially for people that are not on WhatsApp or social media. If elected, I will make sure I generate funds especially with my past experiences in various committees.

Interviewer: What do you plan to do about COMUI inadequacies?

Samuel: Well, some people have lodged complaints. What we can do is communicate with the Director of IT. We can maybe adjust the positions of a few routers to suit every member of a particular floor but I cannot promise new routers.

Interviewer: Will there be anything unique brought to the table? Any special thing?

Samuel: Sure, many of those things will be revealed at the press night and manifesto but I am saying particularly that brownites will be entertained.

Interviewer: Well, this election has been interesting so far. So many competing for different positions. What do you think differentiates you from your opponent?

Samuel: Well, I possess different qualities one of which is that I understand the sense of people. I know how to relate with people well which is some of the many qualities an information minister should possess. Another quality is that I am a go-getter. I so much believe in acoustic focus which is that I follow one course until success. I use the acronym SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound). This helps me when I am setting any goal.

Interviewer: Is that the major thing?

Samuel: Yes, I believe so because the people that are being served are people around you. Therefore, you have to be relate with them and develop a good rapport in order to perform maximally.

Interviewer: who do you think has the upper hand between you and your opponent?

Samuel: I can’t say

Interviewer: Who do you think will win?

Samuel: Brownites would want the best person for the job. If that is so, I believe I should win the election.

Interviewer: What do you think about the ABH elections?

Samuel: I think it is very interesting because of the oppositions.

Interviewer: Any parting words?

Samuel: I have a good number of plans for Brownites, many of which will be revealed on the press night so they should forward to it. Like I said earlier, I am someone who is dedicated to service. Like Muhummad Ali said, “our service to others is a rent we pay.” I don’t want to be a debtor so it is time to pay. I am not coming for politics but to serve others. Thank you.

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