ABH ASSEMBLY : An expressway to power?


Time and time again, Brownites have observed a budding system of ascending to power, without having to pass through the rigorous electoral process.

In what seems to be an easy route to the executive council, passionate brownites have watched with mixed feelings of excitement and anger, as seemingly enthusiastic candidates have tactfully waltzed their way to power through the magnanimity of the ABH Assembly by-elections.

While there may be cogent and genuine reasons behind some candidates holding back from campaigning in the normal elections, it is fast becoming tradition to observe vacant positions in the executive council prior to the elections, only for them to be filled some weeks after via the By-elections.

Could it be out of fear to undergo the intense scrutiny of brownites or perhaps, constraints at the time which could not be maneuvered promptly? Is it not unfair to the other candidates who had to burn the midnight candle, scribbling and rehearsing just to be able to prove their worth and ability to be voted in for service?

How then can we justify the votes of a few honorables against that of the entire hall? While we unflinchingly trust the House to make the right decisions for the good of the hall, our thoughts cannot help but stagger at the possibility that this may be a “norm”in the making. Is there a possibility of an alternative to By-elections to incorporate Brownites? We are faced by a new era of challenges and counter-events where diplomacy and stellar leadership qualities are pivotal in order to navigate these troubled times, hence there is a need for all in the hall to be heard, both by voice and by votes. Those elected in via By-elections are equally important as those via normal elections, as the decisions from these offices affect Brownites.

If a leader is absolutely sure of his/her intentions to hold a position of public service, then he/she need not fear to undergo public scrutiny; as the executive council of ABH is nothing more than an avenue to serve Brownites and make the hall better.

Whatever is worth doing, is worth doing well”

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