In the meeting of the hall assembly held on the 29th of June, 2018:
The bye-elections for the nine vacant positions of floor representative and the office of the Sports Minister and Deputy Hall Chairperson were conducted. 8 out of the 9 vacant positions for the floor representatives were all filled and the results were as thus:

1. Miss. Popoola Ebunoluwa // B1 // 22 //24
2. Miss. Maduka Happiness// B3 // 15 // 25
3. Miss. Ogunfolu Aminat // C Ground // 22 // 24
4. Miss. Asore Oghenekevwe // C2 // 21 // 25
5 Miss. Badiru Moyinoluwa // C3 // 22 // 25
6. Miss. Fadugbagbe Nifemi // D3 // 20 // 26
7. Mr. Nnamani Uchenna !! G1 Left – –
8. Mr. Cole Edwin // G1 Right – –

Miss Maduka Happiness won by simple majority votes of 15 against her opponent Miss. Ayoola who lost with 10 votes. Mr. Nnamani and Mr. Edwin after a tie in the previous election for the post of floor rep. on G1 Left, were elected by voice votes as the floor rep of G1 Left and Right respectively.
Only D2 constituency is left without a representative as no one was nominated by the honourables and the applicant who picked up a form was not present in the meeting.
As for the vacant offices in the hall executive council, the aspirants for the post of Sports Minister, Mr. Abiodun Taiwo and Mr. Victor Arowosegbe put up a good an impressive fight as both candidates answered all questions with intelligence and grace. Indeed, it was a beauty to behold and with this, I can proudly say that the future of our sporting activities in ABH is at the very least bright. But since there can only be one winner, Mr. Abiodun Taiwo was elected as Sports Minister with 19 votes as opposed to Mr. Victor Arowosegbe who had only 4 votes.

As for the office of the Deputy Hall Chairperson, most if not all the honourables were caught between two stools as neither of the candidates beamed with the confidence, finesse and prowess that was expected from a Deputy Hall Chairperson of the hall.

I was not impressed” lamented an honourable after the four-hour meeting, “I wanted to move a motion to postpone the election for the Deputy Hall Chairperson to a later date!” Another honourable added in agreement.
Be that as it may, Miss. Eniola Olajide who showed more potential and readiness was elected as the Deputy Hall Chairperson with 17 votes while Mr. Ebenezer Falodun lost with 4 votes.

A big congratulation to our newly elected floor representatives and executives, big shoes have been left for you to fill by the ABH-X executives. We wish you success as you fill them diligently.

Now, let’s meet our new executives;

Name: Eniola Olajide.
Post: Deputy Hall Chairperson
Depatment: Biomedical Laboratory Science.
Level: 500
Hobbies: Reading, sleeping and dancing.

Name: Abiodun Taiwo.
Post: Sports Minister.
Depatment: Medicine and Surgery.
Level: 600
Hobbies: Sleeping, watching movies, playing volleyball and football

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