The much anticipated ABH league for the current season commenced on the 3rd of July, 2022. Teams have been bought. The players are eager and ready. Motivational words have been spoken. The pitch has been put in peak condition. The teams are ready to battle their way to the top.

Six formidable teams are competing in this league gunning for the title of champion. Only one team would emerge as champion above the others. There are five two-legged matches for each team. Therefore, each team would play ten matches in total.

The schedule for the league could not be completed in the previous season due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Consequently, no winners were declared. In an attempt to circumvent this possibility this season, three matches are played each game week. This ensures that there are no outstanding matches if the hall is locked up and students are sent home. The winners can then be determined based on the standings at that particular time.

According to the chairman of the football association, Mr. Obeya Mark, all measures are being taken to ensure that the ABH league is conducted and completed successfully. The prizes for the winners are yet to be finalized as discussions with the sponsors are still ongoing.

The first set of matches held on the 3rd of July, 2022. The ABH hall chairperson, Salami David, graced the pitch with his presence. The games started early to allow ample time for all three fixtures to hold. D’Inferno FC consumed Gladiators FC in an inferno and defeated them three to two. Stampede FC trampled all over Skippo FC and defeated them one goal to nil. The Titans proved to be no match for Blazers FC as they were conquered two goals to nil. The man of the match for the games were Teslim from D’Inferno FC, Jenyo from Stampede FC, and Taiwo from Blazers FC respectively.

The league continues this week. We will certainly be thrilled with more excellent gameplay and legwork. Brownites are urged to come out en masse to show their support for these teams and cheer them to victory.

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