A Different Rhyme

A Picture Poem


One, two, buckle my shoe.
I rush out the door with only a minute to spare,
Doing up my buttons as I go,
My hair looks like I intentionally roughed it up,
It would have to do.

Three, four, knock at the door.
I wait 5 seconds before you open,
I see your chest first and I swoon,
And oh, your eyes…
I do not wait.

Five, six, pick up pace.
Item after item discarded,
As I rush to feel your skin on mine,
Inhibitions out the window,
As I struggle to remember how to breathe.

Seven, eight, lay down bare.
Cocooned in your embrace, I melt under the covers,
Your lips meet mine,
Fireworks, sparks, everything in between.

Nine, ten, a big fat disappointment.
It took ten seconds,
And I knew you weren’t mine,
We said no words as I pulled on my discarded clothing,
Away from you I go, leaving unsatisfied.

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