– Female Affairs Minister, ABH

SURVIVOR STORIES: The Tales of an Overlooked Emergency.
If you haven’t seen any of our posters, you need a new circle (or maybe we just need more publicity….my bad)
“Metoo” is more than just a fancy hash tag on Twitter. The movement began in 2006 when American social activist and community organizer, Tarana Burke used the phrase “Metoo” in response to a 13 year old girl who confided in her that she had been assaulted. The movement went viral on Twitter in 2017 and since then, has become a global movement against sexual harassment and sexual assault.
Recently, a trend began on Twitter by past and current members of the Alexander Brown Hall called #metooUCH. This tend revealed that quite a number of students in our community have been a victim of sexual assault both within the hospital community and without. This revelation begs our attention, sympathy but most importantly, a call to action.
Survivor Stories is a brain child of the Female Affairs Ministry, 2019/2020 tenure. This event themed, “Tales of an overlooked emergency”, is aimed at achieving the following aims:
Educating Brownites on the issue of consent (requesting consent and giving consent).

What to do in case of sexual assault or rape.

Debunk myths about sexual assault.

Discuss the issue of sexual (verbal) harassment often called “Aro”, popular in the University community.

Listen to stories of willing survivors.

Encourage discussions, through a panel, about sexual violence.

This event would be open to all members of the Alexander Brown Hall, members of the hospital community and students of the University of Ibadan. It is scheduled to hold 11am on Saturday, 31st of August, 2019, at the Cafetaria in Alexander Brown Hall.
The female affairs ministry is working hard towards ensuring the success of this event and to that effect, we have reached out to various organisations and professionals to be present at this event. We believe addressing the issue of sexual assault is long overdue and with your assistance, we would do just that in a friendly and conducive environment. First, save the date. Second, tell a friend. Third and most importantly, be there!

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