Madam Speaker at her Inauguration

The Hall Assembly on Saturday, 26th June 2021, sat over the yearly Hall Executives budget. The meeting slated for 7pm was not adjourned until almost 12 hours after. Here is a rundown of the major events.

The ABH freshers’ welcome party, which has become a tradition in the residence hall, was scrapped for this session. The decision was reached after much deliberation. The disparity between the proposed income for the tenure and the total executive budget, in which the former is way lower than the latter, necessitated cutting down the budgets from each hall executive.

Furthermore, an honourable member who loses their seat will lose their right to serve in any other capacity within the Hall. This was moved during the standing order review. Such honourable will be also be deemed not to have served.

The ABH Literary and Debating Society will be receiving a budgeted 7000 naira. A point of concern was raised as the budgeted amount is not even up to the necessary dues paid by the Society. The House then adopted the budget with the view that there would be a subsequent increment in the successive tenures. Also, the House adopted the budget of 9000 naira for the annual renewal of ABH Press Organization. Noticeably, this is unusual.

Mr Olateju Samuel, the impeached information minister during the last tenure, was said to have received a sum of 11,000naira each from various organizations in the Hall. This money was intended for the replacement of notice boards. After much investigation, the House confirmed the authenticity of the information and that 11 organizations paid a sum of 11,000 naira each. This will amount to a total of 121,000naira.

Furthermore, the former hall chairman confirmed a move by the Hall and College to adapt all notice boards to certain specifications.
The removed information minister was supposed to be the conduit between the associations and the College. However, the payment was made before his removal from office. When he was contacted, Mr Olateju said he spoke with the contactor recently. The boards would be delivered this week.

An invitation was sent to Mr Olateju to attend this very ordinary meeting on 26th June 2021. Unfortunately, Mr Olateju failed to honour the invitation to answer whatever question the House had. He also failed to send a letter of absence. Nevertheless, Mr Olateju was contacted before the end of the meeting, and he was indifferent about his absence. He didn’t show any regard for the House.

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