The Lagos State Special offences Court, Ikeja, has granted bail to Nollywood Actor, Olanrewaju Omiyinka A.K.A Baba Ijesha.
Omiyinka appeared in court on Thursday with two SANs, Mr Dada Awosika and Mr Babatunde Ogala, and several other counsels defending him.

He was granted bail by the court of law on the basis that it was his fundamental human right. However, some conditions must be perfected before the bail granted should be effected. An amount of two million naira must be paid, with two sureties being presented.

One of the sureties must be a blood relation who resides in Lagos with a tax clearance certificate of 3 years. And he must enter a monetary bond of one million naira with the chief registrar of the court.

The other surety must be an attorney with a call to bar certificate which must be verified by the court. These conditions must be perfected within a period of 7 days from when the bail was granted, if Baba Ijesha must be bailed.

The case was adjourned until the 26th, 27th and 28th July, 2021, for case to be opened against defendant by the prosecution.
Omiyinka was arraigned on the 22nd April, 2021, on charges of sexual assault, indecent treatment of a child and sexual assault by penetration, all of which he pleaded not guilty to.

This ongoing saga has for a while been of public concern and it has therefore attracted all manner of reactions (on the social the media and other platforms where discussions about it could be made) from concerned people both in and out of Nigeria. People from all walks of life have expressed their manifold opinions as to what the fate of Baba Ijesha should be, being viewed in the light of whether the accused is guilty of the charges made against him or not.

However, as reported by a trusted source, one of the lawyers representing the actor has said that only the court of law can decide the fate of the actor; not the social media.

“It is not in doubt that the case has gone viral on social media and certain facts about it were in the public domain. However, we would do what we have to do. We believe that the court is a temple of justice and would do what is right,” he said.

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